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Netflix viewers gripped by once banned Owen Wilson movie which has become an instant top 10 hit

Netflix viewers gripped by once banned Owen Wilson movie which has become an instant top 10 hit

The film has had viewers seriously gripped

Netflix viewers have been left gripped by a newly added Owen Wilson movie, which was actually banned in one country when it was released.

The thriller is currently sitting at number four in the top most-watched movies, thanks to it's edge-of-your-seat plot.

I mean, at one point in the movie, Wilson - who plays dad Jack Dwyer - actually throws his two children across the roof of a building.

Talk about tense.

The film stars Owen Wilson.
Brothers Dowdle Productions

The movie focuses on Jack and wife Annie (played by Lake Bell) who relocates to an unnamed country in southeast Asia for Jack's work.

The family are just getting settled into the hotel they are temporarily staying in, when they find themselves in the middle of a violent coup.

With Jack being targeted over his role in a foreign company, the family end up on the run from extremists who are hunting them.

They are first told to make their way to the roof of the hotel building, but this turns into a terrible idea after the extremists arrive with guns in a helicopter.

Jack then has no choice but to throw his kids to the adjacent roof building, which almost ends up in them falling from a skyscraper.

The movie in question is called No Escape.

Pierce Brosnan also stars in the movie. While at first he seems to be an innocent backpacker, he actually turns out to be an undercover British agent, who tries to help the family flee.

We won't tell you what happens in the end but rest assured you'll be left with seriously sweaty palms by the time the credits roll.

The movie was actually banned in Cambodia when it was first released.

This was due to the police in the movie having Khmer script on their shields, which is the official language of Cambodia.

Pierce Brosnan also stars.
Brothers Dowdle Productions

And viewers who've been watching the movie for the first time have been left blown away.

One person wrote on X: "No Escape is now on Netflix. A brilliant, tense, palm sweaty film. Check it out if you haven’t seen it."

While another said: "This NO ESCAPE movie on netflix giving me so much anxiety."

And a third added: "If you like action/thriller movies, No Escape on Netflix is a 10/10!!"

And a fourth even said they couldn't finish it because it was just too tense.

If you want something to get stuck into, you can catch the film over on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Brothers Dowdle Productions

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