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The Gentlemen fans are questioning if there'll be a second series on Netflix

The Gentlemen fans are questioning if there'll be a second series on Netflix

Viewers are obsessed with Guy Ritchie's new drama series

The Gentlemen only hit Netflix earlier this month, but avid fans are already wondering whether there'll be a second season.

The hotly-anticipated drama from Guy Ritchie - which is inspired by the movie of the same title - sees Eddie Horniman (played by Theo James) inherit his family estate after his dad passes away.

What he doesn't know is the estate is home to a weed empire and the people running it don't plan on leaving any time soon.

"Determined to extricate his family from their clutches, Eddie tries to play the gangsters at their own game. However, as he gets sucked into the world of criminality, he begins to find a taste for it," reads its synopsis.

The series stars a stellar cast, including the likes of Vinnie Jones, Daniel Ings and Kaya Scodelario - who many fans may recognise from Skins.

So far, the Netflix series has been a massive hit, with it currently being the number one series on the platform in both the UK and the US.

And viewers who've already binge-watched its eight episodes are itching for more.

Taking to X, one person wrote: "@TheGentlemen is one of the BEST series @netflix has ever produced, EVER!!


"Enjoyed every second of it. Weirdly feeling withdrawal after finishing it, I’m definitely gonna do a rewatch. Freaking loved it!"

Another said: "Wouldn’t mind a second season actually. I need more of the Eddie and Susie flip floppy dynamic. Easily the highlight of the series. "

And a third commented: "Just finished watching this brilliant series. Mad and funny with some real great characters. Hope there is a second one."

So, what's the verdict on us getting more of The Gentlemen anytime soon?

Well, while Netflix is yet to renew it, it does seem likely.

Earlier this month, Deadline reported that multiple seasons were envisioned for the show and Ritchie already had ideas for a second season.


Marc Helwig, Head of Worldwide Television at Miramax, told the outlet: “We have started that process. There are some writers we’ve talked to, certainly lots of discussion with Guy about what he might want to do in a second season, what things to focus on.”

He added that they'll have to see how the first season performs, but 'it’s been an active ongoing discussion already what a second season would be.'

Giancarlo Esposito, who portrays wine aristocrat Stanley Johnston in the series, is also hopeful.

"Nothing was ever discussed of a second season. But when you’re in the last episode of the first season – a really great scene, I love Ray Winstone – then you know, we have the possibility of going further. And I think the show does as well."

In the meantime, season one of The Gentlemen is available to watch on Netflix now.

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