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Nikki and Brie Bella announce they’re changing their names after WWE exit

Nikki and Brie Bella announce they’re changing their names after WWE exit

WWE stars Nikki and Brie Bella have announced that they are leaving the boxing promotion and are also changing their names

A new era is set to begin for the Bella twins, with Nikki and Brie officially announcing that they are leaving the WWE.

Each of the twins have a rich history in the WWE, with both former Divas Champions in the wrestling promotion.

Brie was the first to claim the crown, but it is actually Nikki who is the longest-reigning holder of the title that actually no longer exists.

Both the sisters were signed on to the WWE in 2007, making them long-running figures involved with the promotion and ones that are certainly popular with fans, too.

Nikki and Brie Bella are leaving the WWE.
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But the twins have now announced that they will be stepping back from WWE and will also be dropping their iconic stage names in the process.

From now on, the 39-year-olds will now go by their birth names, Nikki Garcia and Brie Garcia - which will certainly get some getting used to.

Speaking on their podcast The Nikki and Brie Show, the twins also revealed that they can now also go by the newly minted Garcia twins.

On the 14 March episode of the podcast, the pair told fans of their decision to quit the WWE.

"When our contract came up with WWE, mutually we all knew we just needed to head into this new chapter," Nikki explained.

Brie then started to reminisce about her time in WWE and her whole wrestling ring persona.

She said: "I just want to thank Brie Bella - Brie Bella the character, the name, all of it that I have been the last 16, 17 years.

"I am so excited to close that chapter on Brie Bella, put that book to the side and open up a news one - and see what Brie Garcia is gonna do next."

The twins have also changed their name now they are not part of the promotion.
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Nikki agreed with her sister, saying that she is 'so beyond grateful for Nikki Bella'.

She added: "She empowered me, she inspired me, she truly made me become fearless.

"And the road that she has paved and what she's done for women and the youth - and will continue to do - just as Nikki Garcia."

But while the sisters' wrestling career may be over, the pair have teased exciting times are ahead.

Nikki said: "Today we are officially from here on out, the Garcia Twins, Brie and Nikki Garcia.

"We're going to be 40 in November, [we] just knew it was time to head into this next chapter."

Meanwhile, Brie added: "[I'm] so excited to close the chapter on Brie Bella.

"Let's see what Brie Garcia is going to do next."

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