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People are blown away by fan-made movie poster for a live-action Family Guy film

People are blown away by fan-made movie poster for a live-action Family Guy film

The mock-up appeared on a social media account called 'Awful Fan-Made Movie Posters' but it is actually anything but the name would suggest.

Social media has been sent into an absolute tizzy after a fan-made movie poster pitched the ultimate Family Guy live-action movie cast.

The animated sitcom has been around since 1999 and, while other cartoons have already made the foray into film, the Seth MacFarlane cartoon has never made that same jump.

As a result, fans have bandied about their dream cast for years. And, to be honest, the most recent one really takes the cake.

The pitch was posted on Reddit before it found its way on a social media account called 'Awful Fan-Made Movie Posters'.

The image sent Family Guy fans into overdrive as the casting suggestions proved to be anything but awful.

The now-viral poster puts Paul Blart: Mall Cop star Kevin James forward to play the family's patriarch, Peter Griffin.

Ozark's Laura Linney is suggested to play Lois, Modern Family's Ariel Winter as Meg, Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo as Chris, Barry actor Bill Hader as Quagmire, Brooklyn 99's Pontiac Bandit Craig Robinson as Cleveland, Family Guy voice actor and live action actor Patrick Warburton as Joe, and show creator Seth MacFarlane would stay on as the voice of talking dog Brian.

The tweet of the dream-team casting list earned an impressive 7,000 retweets in under 24 hours, at time of writing.

One Twitter user immediately called out the name of the account that shared the poster and how it conflicts with the perfect cast list.

They wrote a correction: "[More like] *freakin' sweet movie posters."

A second Twitter user agreed: "This actually looks incredible."

A third added: "That’s actually pretty solid."

Another said: "Awful? No, this is awesome."

So, there you go.

While there is no indication fans will ever actually get a live-action Family Guy film, fans can cross their fingers and toes that they'll run with this cast list. If it happens.

After all, a movie would make sense as a next step for Family Guy.

The Simpsons and South Park found success by heading to the big screen, however neither of which were live action.

That being said, show creator Seth MacFarlane is no stranger to doing something different.

He was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 24-year-old animator when he pitched the Family Guy idea to Fox Studios.

They took a gamble on his idea and it clearly paid off.

After two decades, 21 seasons, and one retracted show cancellation, the hilariously inappropriate Griffin family reached their whopping 400th episode milestone on November 20 this year, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

So what's next for the long-running, absurdly fun cartoon watched by kids and adults alike?

Who knows.

But Seth MacFarlane, if you're reading this... please make the above casting choice happen.

Featured Image Credit: u/mindtraveIIer/Reddit. Fox.

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