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Post Malone's dad sets record straight on his health after fans show concern over weight loss

Post Malone's dad sets record straight on his health after fans show concern over weight loss

The singer was seen performing an emotional rendition of 'I Fall Apart'

Post Malone's dad has set the record straight on his son's health.

Fans of the popstar have been sharing their concerns over his current state of mind since a video of him at a gig began doing the rounds on social media this week:

Post, real name Austin Richard Post, has been on tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, opening for the rock band during its run of concerts in Australia recently.

In a video filmed by a fan at a gig, the 26-year-old can be seen performing a rendition of his hit song 'I Fall Apart'.

While he's singing, Post appears to be quite emotional, grabbing his t-shirt and moving his arms in a strange manner.

Fans were quick to suggest that something was wrong with the singer.

Writing on TikTok, one user said: "Bro is literally falling apart."

Another commented: "He's not OK, I hope he has people there for him."

Post Malone's performance concerned some fans.

"Is he OK?" asked a third.

While another added: "Is he tweaking? Like, I'm actually curious."

However, there were plenty of others who pointed out that Post was simply in the moment.

Lots of his fans took to social media, saying that he always performed the song like this.

One user said: "I seen him perform 'I Fall Apart' doing twitching hand movements several times during that song. It seems like it's the norm for this song."

Another commented: "Seen this dude live four times. He performed I fall apart just like this every time since 2018.

"Every year, some new clip comes out of him performing and everyone accuses of him of doing hard drugs because he puts on a good show or is buzzed on beer that he drinks on stage lmao."

While someone else wrote: "Imagine being so numb to artistic expression that a professional musician passionately belting lyrics to a song called 'I Fall Apart' live causes you to think internally 'wow that guy looks weird up there, why isn’t he singing it normally, I’m worried'."

Post's dad said he's doing great, and better than ever.

And now, Post's own dad has come out and defended his son.

Responding to online comments about his mental wellbeing, Rich Post assured fans that he was thriving.

"Healthiest he's been in years! Mentally and physically," he wrote on Instagram.

Sources close to Post have also told TMZ that he is doing really well and in a great place mentally.

While some have been concerned over his sudden weight loss, the insider said it's largely to do with him working out more, eating healthily and performing mammoth 90-minute sets.

Featured Image Credit: @raphousetv2/Twitter

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