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Woman Whose Adult Daughter Looks 8 Years Old Questions Why Guys Would Fancy Her

Woman Whose Adult Daughter Looks 8 Years Old Questions Why Guys Would Fancy Her

And public opinion is split over the mother's somewhat harsh response

A woman whose daughter suffers from a rare condition making her look eight years old has questioned why men would fancy her.

Shauna Rae's mother revealed her feelings on an episode of TLC TV's I Am Shauna Rae last week.

Shauna, 22, stands only 3 feet 10 inches tall - the average age of an eight-year-old - because of the brain cancer treatment she received aged six months.

Her mother said: "My main concern with guys who are interested in Shauna is... I don't want to say it, but you kind of think: 'why are you looking at my daughter?'.

"I mean, she looks seven. I know she's more mature if you speak to her, but for you to look at my child and go: 'hey, I wanna date that'.

"It's questionable. And the bad part is I've probably said that out loud, so Shauna takes that with her too a little bit."


The mother's reaction received mixed responses from people watching the show.

Some felt she had no other choice in the position she's in. But others felt the mother had been harsh and should be excited about her daughter's potential love interests.

One commented: "This is a borderline no win situation, I think mom is completely right, and I honestly don’t know how you could handle it differently."

Another added: "You literally wouldn’t know her age unless she told you.

"So if a man was looking at her that way. Yes there’s something wrong with him."


But someone else said: "The mom's not wrong tbh, but at the same time Shauna deserves romantic love.

"It’s a very unfortunate situation"

Shauna struggles with the way other people treat her and was once told by a barman that children were banned.

Dating life is difficult and one blind date even thought he was 'being Punk'd' when he saw her.

But Shauna confirmed she was a 'relationship person' when her mother asked about her dating preferences on the show.


Shauna said: "Personally, yes I would say I'm looking for a long-term connection.

"I want to learn with someone. I want to grow with them.

"I don't want someone who doesn't want to grow or can't grow because their maturity is too low, or whatever the case might be.

"I am looking for more serious, more in depth, long-lasting relationships."

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok