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Richard Madeley Called Out For ‘Creepy’ Comment To End Interview With Lioness Chloe Kelly

Richard Madeley Called Out For ‘Creepy’ Comment To End Interview With Lioness Chloe Kelly

"Show some respect"

Good Morning Britain viewers have called out Richard Madeley for his 'creepy' end to an interview with football champion Chloe Kelly, with some comparing him to Alan Partridge. You can watch the clip below:

The Manchester City forward scored the winning goal at the 2022 Euros over the weekend, leading the Lionesses to victory and ending England's 56 year wait for a major trophy by claiming a first tournament win since 1966.

Now she's doing the press rounds, including an appearance on the ITV show's couch alongside hosts Madeley and Kate Garraway today (2 August).

While the chat aimed to celebrate the team's historic feat, many have criticised the 66-year-old presenter for nicknaming Kelly 'Coco', adding that it's what he calls his daughter who's also named Chloe.

Prior to this, while discussing what he described as her 'overnight fame', Madeley told the iconic player that a few weeks ago she could walk into any supermarket and no one 'apart from friends' would know who she was.

Over on Twitter, viewers were left baffled by the interview, with one accusing Madeley of being 'inappropriate' with the 'Coco' comment.

"Richard calling that lioness footballer the same nickname he calls his daughter is just creepy and totally inappropriate," they wrote. "She’s called Chloe, not Coco! #GMB #GoodMorningBritain."

Another who shared a clip of the awkward moment commented: "Could Richard Madeley be any more Alan Partridge if he tried?!"

"Not Richard Madeley interviewing Chloe Kelly and telling her that just last week she could walk into any supermarket and not be recognised," added a third.

"She’s a Man City, Champion’s League striker. Cannot eye roll enough at this clown."

A fourth commented: "Richard Madeley wrapping up his interview with Chloe Kelly by calling her 'Coco' 'because that's what I call MY daughter Chloe' is exactly the sort of high level awkward cringe I can't cope with today."

While a fifth chimed in: "Richard Madeley you don’t interview someone then end with calling them your daughters nickname.. show Chloe kelly some respect, she’s more than earned it."


Of course, the interview wasn't all bad, with Kelly opening up about the incredible goal that bagged the team's victory over Germany.

"It hasn't settled in yet. I think I'm just living in the moment," she said. "And not really looking at my phone too much because I'm living in the now and taking it all in."

Speaking about the viral moment of her celebrating the game-winning score, she explained: "I'm taking my shirt off, I'm going crazy because a male footballer they'd be doing exactly the same so as a woman why can't we?"

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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