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Richard Madeley Criticised Again For 'Inappropriate' Question To Lioness Alessia Russo On GMB

Richard Madeley Criticised Again For 'Inappropriate' Question To Lioness Alessia Russo On GMB

Yesterday's GMB interview with Lioness Chloe Kelly was also slammed

Richard Madeley has been criticised yet again for an 'inappropriate' question he made to Lioness Alessia Russo on Good Morning Britain. Watch the interview here:

Just yesterday (August 2) the GMB host was called out for a 'creepy' comment he made to end the interview with Euro 2022 champion Chloe Kelly.

The 66-year-old presenter was first criticised for nicknaming Kelly as 'Coco', saying that's what he calls his daughter, also named Chloe.

While discussing her 'overnight fame', Madeley also told the Manchester City forward that a few weeks ago she could walk into any supermarket and no one 'apart from friends' would know who she was.

Over on Twitter, viewers were baffled by the interview, with one accusing Madeley of being 'inappropriate' with the 'Coco' comment.

And now today (August 3) the presenter has been slammed by viewers for his 'patronising' remark he made to fellow Lioness Alessia Russo.

The 23-year-old, from Kent, scored the iconic back-heel goal in the semi-final against Sweden and Madelely began by asking her how she was feeling since winning the trophy.

Richard asked: "How are you feeling? It’s three days on now. If I was your dad and asked you that and said, 'How are you feeling love?' What would you say?"

She replied: "It’s something we have been waiting for in women’s football for a long time."

However, viewers were quick to criticise Madeley's 'inappropriate' comment.

One person wrote: "Watching #GMB on plus one and I’m watching the interview with Alessia Russo. How patronising is Madeley? He’s talking to these girls like they did well in a primary school play."

"Richard Madeley talking to Women’s footballers, is one of the most cringe things on TV. I feel for these ladies having to discuss a huge moment in their lives, with this clueless, patronising numpty," a second person said.

Another added: "If I was your Dad, and asked you that, what would you say?” What is Richard on about?? Richard 'who’s your daddy' Madeley #GMB @AccidentalP (obviously)."

While a fourth said: "Richard Madeley just said to Alessia Russo, “how you feeling love”? Good grief! How inappropriate. #GMB @GMB."

Someone else thought: "Madeley so painfully dreadful in this @GMB interview with Alessia Russo."

A final user added: "@GMB did MeMeMeMadeley just address Alessia Russo as ‘love’ while asking her a question her ‘dad would ask’ ?? Would he address a male footballer like that?

"Could he PLEASE stop being so patronising‽ She’s a European Cup winner, an elite sportsperson - not a primary school kid!"

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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