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Who is TikTok star Rogerskaer?

Who is TikTok star Rogerskaer?

You might know him as the ‘F*** around and Find out’ guy, but Rogerskaer is a 51-year-old TikTok sensation as of…2 days ago.

You might know him as the ‘F*** around and Find out’ guy, or you might not know him at all. But Rogerskaer is a 51-year-old TikTok sensation as of…2 days ago. 

Roger, who refers to himself as the 51-year-old bald man, posted a video on Tuesday that has received 3.6M views, of him detailing an extremely important graph that people need to pay attention to…

The graph shows the correlation between f***ing around and finding out, which as we all know, of course, are two very legitmate levels of measurement.

The hilarious viral video came to the conclusion that “the more you f*** around, the more you find out, but if you never f*** around, you’ll never find out”, a revelation that fans wishes they’d have known sooner…obviously.

One person said: “This is the important stuff that I didn’t learn in the college classroom.”

Another added: “Changing lives man.”

Roger has been branded many things including a “genius”, one fan even said that this video was their favourite on TikTok to ever exist. 

However, this isn’t Roger’s first viral video.

He previously posted about his Ford breaking down, and the importance of Ford drivers always towing a caravan with them in case of this precise emergency. 

Not much is known about Roger, other than his incredible wit and ability to create a viral video, however we do know he has been married to Tiffany Skaer since 2004. 

Thousands of people have stitched the ‘f*** around and find out’ video on Tiktok, with one creator dueting it saying: “when someone wants my knowledge without joining my mastermind group” and it then cuts to Roger’s skit. 

Roger currently has 23.3K followers on TikTok, which is increasing hourly following his sensational masterpiece. However he has 112 YouTube subscribers…so go give him a follow! 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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