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What is the run boy run TikTok trend?

What is the run boy run TikTok trend?

If you're a fan of a cute TikTok trend then you'll enjoy this one which is surprisingly wholesome

TikTok can be overwhelming to keep up with the latest trends, but the latest one is surprisingly cute.

Also known as the "If I was a" trend, be warned: it's a time consuming one.

If you're used to filming quick dance videos, funny jokes or following odd beauty trends that don't take long then you might want to sit this one out.

What is the runboyrun TikTok trend?

It has been dubbed the runboyrun trend on TikTok because of the song the challenge is set to, called Run Boy Run by Woodkid.

It features a fast drumbeat, to which creators are setting fast-changing images that switch up in time with the beats.

So far the trend has seen creators asking their girlfriend or boyfriend to name something they think of when they think of them for different categories.

It includes things like colours, fruit, animal, season, era, dessert, school subject, city, time of day, Disney character, food item and more.

The category flashes up followed by quickly changing images, before the title of the chosen item is shown in time with the drum beat.

Some of the most popular videos have warned against doing the trend purely for how time consuming it is.

One creator said it took her two days to edit, with another claiming it took five hours.

Elsewhere, some desperate creators have been offering to pay someone else to edit it for them if they send them the photos as they are so keen to avoid spending days on the trend but want to take part.

As with any trend, spoof versions have also taken off with people choosing funny answers like "baby poop green" for the colour, or choosing the least aesthetically pleasing options or just editing it badly.

Others have joked that boyfriends and husbands will be in trouble if they choose "ugly" answers or refuse to take part, or claiming that creators are just picking the answers they think about themselves and insisting it was their other half.

The song originally featured on Woodkid's 2013 album The Golden Age, and has now clocked up more than 206 million listens on Spotify.

It was also used in the Umbrella Academy and the Divergent film series, as well as several advertising campaigns.

More than 229k videos have now been made using the sound.

The top video has 1.6 million likes, and the creator, wright.archie also shared a tutorial on how to do it.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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