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Extraction 2 director Sam Hargrave wants to see Tyler Rake go up against John Wick

Extraction 2 director Sam Hargrave wants to see Tyler Rake go up against John Wick

We're going to need more guns and more bullets.

The director behind the incredible Extraction films would be down to see a battle that would be far more epic than anything ever seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While superhero films have dazzled us with good versus evil fights over the last decade and a half, there's a showdown that could put a lot of bums in cinema seats.

Chris Hemsworth's character in Sam Hargrave's Extraction movies is pretty nifty at using a weapon.

In fact, Tyler Rake's kill count was so high in the first film that the Russo brothers, who produced the movie, lost count.

You know who else has an mind-bogglingly high kill count?

Yep, that's right, John Wick.

Keanu Reeves' character has slaughtered so many enemies over his four-film franchise.

But, imagine if those two faced off against each other.

The plot seems unlikely as there's no clear way for them to ever come across each other, however, the scenario has been teased to Hargrave and he's intrigued.

Speaking to Dexerto, he was asked who would win in a fight between Rake and Wick.

"I love that conversation," he said.

"You know… as the director of the Tyler Rake world, I’d have to support my man Tyler Rake.

“But then, in the canon of movies and legendary skills, it’s hard. How can you bet against John Wick?

"What I will say is, as a fan, I want to see that go down and I would love to be in the pub with you and your buddies and talk about it… it’s two epic action stars going at it.

"That’d be amazing.”


It would be nothing short of jaw-droppingly mind-blowing.

There would be so many bullet casings on the floor at the end of this fight that you wouldn't even know what to do it them.

It's genuinely tough to pick who would win.

However, considering Reeves' Wick has had more movies and technically more kills, our money would be on him.

But this isn't the first time Hargrave has been faced with this ultimate dilemma.

And he still reckons his boy would again be the winner.

He told Collider: "That dude doesn’t go down without a fight, but the fourth movie proves he can go down.

“And we’ve proven that our guy can be killed and brought back from the dead, so you gotta give it to Tyler Rake. A long, hard-fought battle, to be sure, but I think you gotta go with Tyler Rake.”

Featured Image Credit: Lionsgate. Netflix

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