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Sam Smith and Kim Petras become first openly non-binary and trans artists to have a #1 song

Sam Smith and Kim Petras become first openly non-binary and trans artists to have a #1 song

The power duo's hit single 'Unholy' has now topped the Billboard 100.

Sam Smith and Kim Petras have made history by becoming the first openly non-binary and transgender artists respectively to have a number-one hit on the Billboard 100.

The Pride flags are flying high today, as the powerhouse duo have smashed records with their hit single ‘Unholy’.

Smith, who is non-binary, and Petras, who is trans, released the song on September 30 and it debuted at number three on Billboard’s 100 earlier this month, as per Vulture.

However, the song has now impressively climbed to the number one slot and fans are rejoicing on social media.

One person wrote: “I love Kim & Sam so much they both really deserve their first #1”

Another commented: “It’s official: @kimpetras is the first trans artist with a No. 1 on the Hot100 thanks to “Unholy” with @samsmith. This deserves all the celebrationnnnn.”

While another shared: “Unholy by @samsmith and @kimpetras is the catchiest pop song I’ve heard in quite some time. I cannot wait to dance to this BOP AT THE CLERB. Congrats to both of you!”

Petras, who grew up in Germany, said she never expected to become the first openly transgender musician to dominate the charts.

While sitting down with BBC Newsbeat, she said of her fans: "It makes me want to cry. It's amazing.

"They've been my friends for a long time - a lot of fans [who are sending me messages] have supported me and they're really proud.”

The singer-songwriter also gushed about the overwhelming response from the transgender community, who she says she owes her success to as well.

The 30-year-old also disclosed that while writing the racy single, she intended the song to be a gay club anthem that explores themes of religion and spirituality.

She told the outlet: "If religion was cool and inclusive, maybe I could have found myself in that but as religion doesn't really include trans people, it's never been something that I was able to do.”

Petras continued: "My whole life I've been making gay club bangers.

"And I love those! I feel like I was born and raised in gay clubs but it felt like it was time to switch it up."

And it’s safe to say Petras did just that, capturing the perfect melody for us to all embrace our ‘villain era’.

Featured Image Credit: sam.smith/Instagram

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