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People baffled after Samuel L. Jackson makes random appearance at UK rave

People baffled after Samuel L. Jackson makes random appearance at UK rave

Like many of us Brits, the Marvel star has proven to be a Bongo's Bingo fan!

Samuel L Jackson just proven, yet again, to be one of the coolest celebrities around as he recently appeared at a rave held in the UK.

The Pulp Fiction star randomly popped up in videos shared by attendees, who were left stunned to find a Hollywood A-lister among the crowd of the popular bingo rave night, Bongos Bingo, at club SWG3 in Glasgow, Scotland. Check out the unbelievable scenes below:

Rave-goers were simply baffled to spot Jackson at the side of the stage as dancers performed in drag.

The Marvel actor seemed to be having the time of his life too, and seemed just as excited about the costumes and moves as the next person.

In one clip shared to Instagram by Bongo's Bingo caller Jonny Bongo (@jonnybongolacey), Jackson could be clearly seen recording a video with his phone, enthralled by the number and the music.

"Good to have @samuelljackson fly over for the @bongosbingo Glasgow show," Jonny wrote in the caption, leaving their 39k followers wondering what on earth the Nick Fury actor was doing at Bongo's Bingo in Scotland.

"That’s defo not a cardboard cut out ehh," one person joked, while another added: "If it wasn’t filmed you wouldn’t believe it."

Samuel L. Jackson rocked up for a evening at the notorious Bongo's Bingo in Scotland.
Bongo's Bingo/Ste Taylor

The news of Jackson's little rave cameo soon made the rounds online, with some attendees sharing clips on Twitter as well. User @daniellemcdonald posted a video shared with them by their mum, who was among the crowd at the event.

"What is going on can someone confirm," they wrote.

"My mum, my gran and my aunties went to bongos bingo and Samuel L Jackson is there?? Is that real? I knew he was in Glasgow but why of all things he went to bongos bingo in SWG3??" they asked in disbelief.

While we don't know for sure what drew Jackson to the bingo rave night, what we do know is that the actor is currently filming a movie in Scotland.

He temporarily relocated to this side of the pond to film terrorist drama Damaged, also starring Westworld's Vincent Cassel.

News of Jackson's presence at the event soon spread like wildfire online.

Of course, the news of Jackson being in the UK initially prompted speculation that a new Marvel production might've just started shooting in the country, but the theory was quickly dismissed when Deadline shared news of the action thriller.

According to the official synopsis, Damaged will see a Chicago detective going to Scotland after a new serial killer's crimes match those that he investigated five years prior, which included the crime scene of his murdered girlfriend.

Directed by Terry McDonough, the film also stars Gianni Capaldi (A Day to Die), Kate Dickie (The Witch), and John Hannah (The Mummy).

Featured Image Credit: Bongo's Bingo/Ste Taylor

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