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Saw 10: release date, cast, plot, reviews

Saw 10: release date, cast, plot, reviews

The 10th film in the Saw franchise is scheduled for release in October next year.

Debuting in 2004 with inaugural entry, Saw, the movies have grossed over a billion dollars in the box office.

The films follow the machinations of the villain Jigsaw, who uses deadly traps to teach his victims the importance of wanting to stay alive.

With a successful reboot in the Saw franchise with Darren Bousman’s Spiral: From the Book of Saw, the opportunity for more stories based in the Saw universe has been on fans’ minds.

The standalone sequel to the series starred Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, Marisol Nichols, and Max Minghella, and followed police efforts to stop a Jigsaw copycat killer. 

Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures have since paired up again to create the long-awaited next instalment of the horror franchise, Saw 10, with Kevin Greutert set to direct the 10th part of the billion-dollar film series.

When is Saw 10 coming out?

Lionsgate has publicly scheduled the release of Saw 10 on 27 October 2023, just days before Halloween.

The script is written by Josh Stolberg, and fan favourite director Kevin Greutert to helm the film, who directed both Saw VI and Saw: The Final Chapter, as well as the editor for the first films.

Saw 10 trailer:

No trailer is available yet, and the plot of the latest film has been kept tightly under wraps. 

Producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules have however told Bloody Disgusting: “We have been listening to what the fans have been asking for and are hard at work planning a movie that Saw aficionados and horror fans alike will love.

"And part of that is giving the reins to Kevin Greutert, director of Saw VI, which is still one of the fans.”

Stolberg has additionally teased in the past that the character Jigsaw could return, as fans have long awaited.

The studio also told fans there would be 'new twisted, ingenious traps'.

Saw’s reviews:

Spiral: From the Book of Saw received a poor 37 per cent from critics, however a stark 75 per cent from audiences.

The last titular Saw film, Saw: The Final Chapter, conversely received an abysmal 9 per cent from critics and a similarly underwhelming 41 per cent from viewers.

Here’s hoping the newest film doesn’t leave audience members with such a bad taste in their mouths.

Featured Image Credit: Lionsgate

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