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Taylor Lautner reveals his fiancée Taylor Dome will take his last name and also be named Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner reveals his fiancée Taylor Dome will take his last name and also be named Taylor Lautner

It's just such a good name they decided to use it twice.

Taylor Lautner's fiancée, Taylor Dome, will take on the actor's surname when they wed... making her name also Taylor Lautner.

While we have to admit that it is super cute, we can seem to shake the feeling that it will get very confusing.

The postie will have a conniption, doctor's visits and any phoning up about any sort of bill will be baffling, going through airport security will take forever... but hey - you do you, you two.

Lautner addressed the couple's odd choice on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

"[I was] like, are you into this last name? Because we already share one name. So it’s gonna be extra complicated," he told host Kelly Clarkson.

"We’re literally going to be the same person."

So, yeah. They're going to be sharing more than just vows, a marriage bed, and a home. They're literally going to have the same legal name.

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Oh, and if they don't name any future children 'Taylor' as well, we're going to riot.

"We either keep it super simple or super complicated," the Twilight star told Clarkson, before admitting that 'a lot of people' use 'boy Tay' or 'girl Tay' when trying to avoid confusion when addressing the couple.

It honestly sounds like a kindergarten teacher trying to deal with two students of the same name.

Anyway, Lautner revealed on Clarkson's show that the couple were introduced by his sister.

"She always said she was going to introduce me to my future wife," The Twilight actor said.

His sister, Makena Moore, set up a game night with the sole goal of introducing Taylor to Taylor.

"We hit it off and the rest is history," Lautner said.

Lautner and his future wife, 24-year-old nurse Taylor Dome, went public with their relationship in 2018.

At the time, the Sharkboy and Lavagirl star had taken a bit of a break from acting because he 'wanted to take a step back and enjoy life' while spending time with family and friends.

And, well, he met his fiancée too, so that worked out well.

Lautner told Clarkson that the pair grew close by enjoying the simple things in life together, such as cooking.

So, when he started to talk about marriage, his now-fiancée told him to keep it simple.

"I don't want anything special. I don't want anything big and grand. Do it in the kitchen," Lautner recounted his partner, also Taylor, telling him.

So that's what he did. Spoiler alert: she said yes, and to make it slightly weirder he'd decorated the space with a neon sign that read 'Lautner'.

So, really ramming it home they'd both have the same name.

Featured Image Credit: Taylor Lautner/Instagram.

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