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UK Taylor Swift fans convinced she’ll turn up at local Odeon or Vue as footage shows her walking into cinema

UK Taylor Swift fans convinced she’ll turn up at local Odeon or Vue as footage shows her walking into cinema

Wishful thinking much?

Celebrities are just regular people at the end of the day - so would it be a big surprise if someone famous rocked up at a cinema?

Especially in London, sometimes an A-list celebrity could be a fellow passenger on your commute to work.

However, some Taylor Swift fans are convinced that she will show up at one of the screenings of her hit concert film in the UK.

Produced by Swift, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour hit cinemas on 13 October, gifting Swifties a nearly three-hour experience collating the best moments of the 'All Too Well' singer's 2023-24 tour.

The current tour is a conceptual rendering of Swift's discography in ten acts, with The Eras Tour movie also including the tour's standard set list.

But why do Swift lovers think they may be able to see her just casually taking a seat at a local UK cinema?

It all start on TikTok, of course, when user @mattylxx posted a clip of Swift making her grand entrance at AMC theaters at The Grove in Los Angeles on 11 October, which stars such as Beyoncé also attended.

Taylor Swift has been promoting her upcoming Eras Concert Tour movie.

"Crying thinking of her showing up at some dead-end cinema in England," the TikTok caption reads, which prompted fans to think that Taylor could actually do such a thing if she wanted.

As it turns out, the original poster isn't alone when he suggested a brief cinema appearance from Swift herself could be on the cards.

"the way i fully convinced myself she'd show up at vue the other day when I went," one person commented.

"i would fully think she would rock up to the vue cinema bury," was another comment, while one person joked: "can't wait to see her at cineworld bradford."

And some suggested the prime locations of 'Gateshead Vue' and 'Trafford Centre Odeon'.

Does Swift strike you more of a Vue or Odeon person?

While some based in London insisted that they could have an 'actual chance' of seeing her in the capital.

But sadly, seeing Taylor rocking up at your local Vue sounds like a long shot at present.

Speaking at the film's premiere in LA, Swift called The Eras Tour 'the most electric experience' she's had in her life.

“I can't believe I get to do music as a career," she told the audience.

"That's crazy. I've always had so much fun doing it. I've never had this much fun in my life as I have had on The Eras Tour.

"It is far and away just the most electric experience of my life."

Featured Image Credit: Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images, TikTok/@mattylxx

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