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A contestant on The 1% Club was left holding her head in her hands after failing to answer a fairly simple question - despite being given a bit of help from host Lee Mack.

For those who haven’t seen it, ITV's The 1% Club sees an audience of 100 people answer increasingly difficult questions that fewer people know the correct answer to.

The 1% Club contestants tackle the questions in hopes of reaching the final where they can nab up to £100,000.

But while most quiz shows follow a simple general knowledge type format, The 1% Club often has tricker questions that require a bit of logic to work out the answer to.

With that in mind, please spare a thought for contestant Mo who was left utterly stumped during her appearance on the show when faced with the following question: “Can you find the the mistake? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.”

Can you spot it?

Now, eagle-eyed readers might have noticed that the sequence of numbers is a bit of a red herring and the actual mistake is the addition of a second ‘the’ in the question - but Mo did not.

Mack asked the quizzers: “Does anyone not know what the answer is? We won’t mock you - well, we might mock you a little bit.”

But that wasn’t enough to put Mo off and she was happy to confess that she didn’t have a clue.

“What’s the problem with this? You’ve just no idea,” Mack asked, to which she replied: “Absolutely no idea.”

Attempting to help her find the answer herself before giving the game away, Mack suggested that she read the statement aloud, which she did - incorrectly skipping right past the second ‘the’. Stopping her before she even got to the numbers, Mack urged her to read again… and again, but slower.

The 1% Club contestant Mo was red-faced after failing to get the correct answer.

Which is when the penny finally dropped for Mo, leaving her looking slightly red-faced as she hid behind her hands. Third time lucky and all that.

Mack said: “The good news is, you got there in the end. The bad news is, that definitely took you more than thirty seconds, which is what the rules are for the end of the game and I won’t be able to help you like that on every one of them.”

Fortunately, Mo seemed to see the funny side of her own mistake and could be seen laughing, albeit from behind her hands.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @tvandfilmaudios

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