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The Kunts call out Martin Lewis for joining forces with Ladbaby on Xmas charity single

The Kunts call out Martin Lewis for joining forces with Ladbaby on Xmas charity single

People are flooding to social media to agree with Kunt and the Gang calling Martin Lewis out for collaborating with LadBaby.

People are flooding to social media to agree with Kunt and the Gang after they called Martin Lewis out for collaborating with LadBaby.

Prepare yourself for the Kunt's Christmas single - although a bit more of a PG version:

YouTuber LadBaby - real name Mark Hoyle - and his wife, Roxanne, have become known for creating novelty Christmas songs, having taken the top spot as the Christmas number one single for a whopping four years in a row - 2021's hit titled 'Sausage Rolls for Everyone'.

Whether or not they'll make it to five is still yet to be ascertained, but the pair have a secret weapon: Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis.

However, if Kunt and the Gang have anything to do with it, LadyBaby and his wife are in for a fight - as the musical comedy group have taken to Twitter to call out Lewis for joining the 'sausage roll grifter'.

Martin Lewis has joined forces with LadBaby to make a Christmas number one.

LadBaby and his wife are hoping for their fifth Christmas number one with a cover of festive hit Do They Know It's Christmas - first released in 1984 by Band Aid - and the pair were joined on the vocals by Lewis.

The duo have said part of the money they raise from the single will go to UK food bank charity the Trussell Trust and the Band Aid foundation.

However, the Kunts - whose 2022 Christmas single is titled 'F**k the Tories' - are having none of it and have taken to Twitter to condemn Lewis for joining the competition, attack LadBaby for not directly donating to the trust when the pair's net-worth - while unconfirmed - is reported by HITC as being around £1.5 million, and for apparently being 'Tories'.

Kunt and the Gang tweeted: "Shame a decent bloke like @MartinSLewis didn’t do his homework on the sausage roll grifter. Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? Donate direct to @TrussellTrust and F**k The T*ries!"

Kunt and the Gang have called out Martin Lewis on Twitter.

People have since flocked to social media in agreement with Kunt and the Gang.

One Twitter user said: "I see that LadBaby bloke and his wife are doing another Christmas song for charity and their ego. Oh and he’s covering Band Aid.

"Probably punning about sausage rolls with no irony that he’s doing it for starving people. Can’t believe Martin Lewis is involved in this shite :("

"12.5 degrees in the house. Just made an executive decision to put the heating on ten minutes early. I would beg Martin Lewis for forgiveness, had that Ladbaby thing not robbed him of all moral authority," another wrote.

A third commented: "Absolutely not. Ladbaby's personal wealth grew by £600,000 in the last year. send your money directly to the Trussell Trust instead. (very surprised to see Martin Lewis get involved, given how careful he is with associating with things...)"

Social media users have not been best pleased by the news Martin Lewis is joining forces with LadBaby.

A final resolved: "I’ve been a huge fan and supporter of you [Martin Lewis] for years. This is the most misguided. About 7p per download goes to charity, all the while “Ladbaby” become their own millionaires based on their “work”. Like last year, kunt gets a download & I donate money to my local foodbank instead."

In response to the criticism he's faced online, Lewis tweeted: "Some perspective pls. It was recorded weeks ago, is backed by charities @TrussellTrust (whom I've long supported) & Band Aid

"It fun for some & raises awareness/funds for food banks. Pls don't buy/listen if u don't want (or if u can afford, u cld donate)"

Featured Image Credit: Will Tudor/Alamy Stock Photo/Ladbaby

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