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Car salesperson reveals biggest lie they tell customers

Car salesperson reveals biggest lie they tell customers

When they tell you this, they don't really mean it

A car salesperson has revealed the biggest lie they tell to their customers, or at least the biggest lie they'll admit to telling.

It's possible that plenty of people who make their living trying to sell you a car are actually pretty honest and genuinely want you to have a good experience, not least because it's good for word-of-mouth.

While plenty of people have come away with bad experiences, it's probably better in the long run to have them driving away happy so they'll tell their friends about you.

There are plenty of people who'll warn you about buying a car, including some who'll say you shouldn't take a test drive at the dealership lest you fall in love with the car and buy it without thinking things through.

Then there's the folks who suggest that to be on the safe side you pretty much shouldn't go into the dealership at all, instead suggesting you shop around online for the best price and only show up in person once you're armed with as much knowledge as possible.

"You called me at midnight to ask about optional extras, take your keys and go." (Getty Stock Photo)
"You called me at midnight to ask about optional extras, take your keys and go." (Getty Stock Photo)

However, while you might think the person tasked with selling you a car may not be telling the whole truth apparently the biggest lie they tell is something far more innocuous.

According to TikToking car seller @ashxautos, the one thing someone selling you a car might say that's a barefaced lie is 'call me any time'.

As you can probably imagine, when someone tells you to call them any time they're still expecting you to ring them within work hours and not bother them at absurd moments in the day.

"I will help you guys with whatever you need, but please don't call me at 6am or 5am, or 11pm. Don't 'call me any time' but call me whenever," she said, laughing at the paradoxical nature of it.

If someone says you can 'call me any time' they're just saying that to make you feel comfortable with calling, it's not an invitation to be ringing them outside of work hours.

Of course, this is a car salesperson telling you about their own profession, so if they're one of the unscrupulous sort who gives the profession a bad name they're hardly going to spill the beans on that, are they?

For what it's worth, she also advised customers to 'never go into the dealership blind' and to have a clear idea of what they wanted before heading in.

In another video, she explained that she never asked customers what their budget was.

She explained that they'd either tell her it was basically the same as what they were currently spending or they'd come out with something that would be pretty much in the realms of fantasy.

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