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Brits left disgusted over way American tourist pronounces 'Greggs'

Brits left disgusted over way American tourist pronounces 'Greggs'

The way US TikToker Gabrielle Marcellus pronounced 'Greggs' has left Brits feeling a certain way

Pasty lovers are disgusted over the way an American tourist has pronounced 'Greggs' and it's pretty hilarious.

The baffling pronunciation of Greggs was made by US content creator Gabrielle Marcellus, who was unaware of the impact her unique naming would have.

In the viral video, she appeared to be extremely keen to show off the famous sausage rolls and steak bakes to her followers, urging them to give it a go.

Watch below, if you dare:

Prepare to cringe as the TikToker said in her strong American accent: "Ok guys, one of my favourite places to go I this place called 'GR Eggs'.

"If you're looking for a really great place for breakfast in England then go to this place called 'GR Eggs'.

"They have really good sausage rolls and..." before she was interrupted by a confused Brit who informed her of the proper pronunciation.

Although the video was uploaded in 2021, it's since resurfaced online and viewers remain in disbelief three years on.

Gabrielle Marcellus shared her unique way of pronouncing Greggs.

"Guys relax English isn't her first language, she's obviously speaking American," one viewer joked, while another added that they 'were sorry about that one' on 'behalf of America'.

"Why would it be called g r eggs there’s no space between, anything to try and be funny," a third questioned.

Referencing FIFA's old intro, a fourth quipped: "G R Eggs. It’s in the game."

"Don’t play with us about Greggs." a fifth added.

"Been living a lie my whole life, I now finally know how to pronounce my name properly, cheers America," someone else quipped.

And to top it off, Greggs also replied, taking it in good humour: "please, G R Eggs is our rap name x."

A Brit had to come in and clear up the confusion.

Thankfully, in another video, Gabrielle kind of explained how the strange pronunciation came about.

According to the TikToker, she was found Greggs while out for breakfast with her English boyfriend at the time.

She said: “I found this one place, way back there that was called GR Eggs. He was like ‘What?’ I was like: ‘Yeah, it’s called GR Eggs and he was like: ‘What, show me, show me.’

"So I literally went and I showed him this place and he was like ‘Greggs?’

“I don’t know why but for some reason I saw the word ‘eggs’ and ‘GR’ and I swore it was ‘GR Eggs.’ It’s definitely not.

"I know it’s called Greggs but it’s such a funny story and it’s a running joke with me and my friends from the UK. I never refer to it as Greggs because to me it’s always GR Eggs.”

I hope everyone enjoys their GR Eggs with their SAS auge roll.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@gabby_marcellus

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