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Couple return home from four months travelling to find disaster after opening the fridge

Couple return home from four months travelling to find disaster after opening the fridge

The pair returned home to a frosty reception after their lengthy holiday

This couple got quite the frosty reception when they returned home after four months of travelling.

Sara Hayward's parents had been off gallivanting around the globe and obviously triple checked all of their appliances before they embarked on their adventure.

But despite their due diligence, one of their kitchen gadgets managed to get the better of them.

Have a look at their fridge fail here:

The pair own a swanky Samsung fridge freezer that boasts an ice maker, which makes sure they constantly have a steady supply.

Yet, when you're taking a four month hiatus from your home, there is obviously no need for this.

In a bid to stop the automatic production of hordes of ice cubes, the couple decided to remove the bin, where the freezer deposits them, to signal that there would be no need to keep churning them out.

It seems that it slipped both of their minds that most ice makers instinctively turn themselves off when the bin is filled.

So, when they got back from their lengthy break, Sarah's parents found they had failed to outsmart their fridge freezer.

Sarah's dad had to prise open the door that was jammed shut with four months worth of ice cubes.

Its door had been frozen shut because the ice maker never stopped for four months straight - so there was a huge backlog that had built up.

Sarah shared a hilarious video to TikTok on her account @twoticketstosaradise showing the moment her dad plucked up the courage to prise the door open.

The parents had prepared for a glacier-like chunk to fall out and put down some tarpaulin to protect their floorboards.

Her mum is heard saying: "After four months, we thought the ice maker would have stopped - but we think it kept on going. Let's see what happens."

Sarah's dad then wrenches the door open and is immediately greeted by the rattle of hundreds of tumbling ice cubes.

A few fall onto the ground, but it turns out they were just the tip of the iceberg.

After fully yanking the door open, chunks of ice cubes fall out onto the floor - while the couple realise that each shelf and compartment inside is absolutely brimming with them.

"Oh my gosh," the mum exclaimed, before they both began cackling at their mishap.

"Okay, it's a little bit of ice," she joked.

The pair then start to tackle the avalanche of ice spilling out of their freezer while doubled over in fits of laughter.

An avalanche of ice cubes spilled onto the couple's kitchen floor.

Sarah explained in the comments that they learned the ice maker has an overfill sensor after the fact, but she reassured people they have now 'learned their lesson'.

She said: "They took the bin out of the door thinking it would turn off the ice maker, but it just kept going.

"Ive never heard my mom laugh so hard! It was fantastic."

Social media users were just as amused by the blunder and the video quickly racked up over 11million views.

One said: "I want to be like these two. Despite the inconvenience, still laughing, calm and just taking it without worry about the mess."

Another commented: "Their laughs are contagious."

A third added: "Dad came prepared with a tarp."

A fourth added: "I have this exact fridge. Can confirm it either makes ALL the ice in the world or literally none at all. This is hilarious!"

And a fifth chimed in: "The ice maker thinking the whole freezer is the bin."

Others were more intrigued by the pair's ability to take off on a four month holiday than their freezer fail.

Sarah said they were 'very fortunate to be able to enjoy their retirement like they do'.

Let's hope they have a knack for selling ice to fund their next around the world trip.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/twoticketstosaradise

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