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Mum shares son's clever method to convince her to let girlfriend sleepover at house

Mum shares son's clever method to convince her to let girlfriend sleepover at house

The teens appealed to her maternal instincts at one point

Kids can be pretty convincing if they want something enough, especially when it comes to bringing parents around to the idea of allowing people in their home.

But this new method might be the winning way to get your parents to even let your girlfriend sleep over and make it seem like a great idea.

18-year-olds these days are generally labelled as teens that want to get busy beneath the sheets with their new beau whenever the opportunity arises, so it’s no surprise that a parent would be hesitant to facilitate those opportunities in their home.

The mum uploaded the creative presentation to TikTok. TikTok/@jessicabuel
The mum uploaded the creative presentation to TikTok. TikTok/@jessicabuel

But a mum has shared how her son cleverly attempted to get her to allow his girlfriend to sleep over, and it’s a classic.

The mum posted to TikTok her son Kaden and his girlfriend Kaysha’s fool-proof plan.

The pair had turned 18 and wanted to start spending as much time together as possible, which included during the night.

In a bid to get his parents to trust him, the teens came up with a presentation to quell their worries and the internet loved it.

Starting the presentation, Kaysha began: “Two 18-year-old’s, you guys think there’s going to be sex. Understandable.

“So we’re going to go over your concerns in this slideshow.”

“We’ve got some s**t to do with our future.

“Sex means babies [and] equals broke, and I’m not trying to be broke.

“I understand your concerns, but I don’t want that responsibility right now. I kind of want to, like, shove little kids over when I hear them cry. So, least of your worries.”

They also went on to make sure the parents knew that they could get a full night’s sleep with them in the home, uninterrupted.

The girl said: “We will shut up.”

“You don’t want to hear us, you want to drink wine.”

“We’re not going to stay up late.”

Kaden then added his own line to convince his mum further: “You know me, I’m in bed at like 10 o’clock.”

Kaysha reiterated: “We’re going to get great sleep. We’re not going to be grumpy in the morning – I don’t even talk in the morning, so you’re fine.

They then finish up with the slideshow and try to appeal to Jessica, using a picture of Kaden as a little boy.

Kaysha said: “How can you say 'no' to this face?”

In the comments, people were eager to find out whether the kids got permission or now and Jessica confirmed that they held the presentation right before Christmas time.

They explained away their concerns. TikTok/@jessicabuel
They explained away their concerns. TikTok/@jessicabuel

She said: “I’m happy to report that yes, she stays over frequently now. And they are the best couple.”

Other commenters were thrilled at their ability to be proactive in their wish, designing a slideshow that came up with ways to stop the parents from worrying.

One person said: “I think the fact they came to you instead of sneaking around says A LOT.”

Another wrote: “She’s the most precious thing ever.”

Someone else said: “Thank you for making her feel comfortable enough to do this.”

Featured Image Credit: tiktok/jessicabuel

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