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While we’d usually advise that you keep your nocturnal activities to yourself, you might want to rethink after a woman learned she’d been using pillows wrong (yes, really).

Hilariously, the moment was captured on camera as the shocked TikToker realises why she hasn’t been able to get a good night’s sleep.

The young woman was shocked to discover she'd been using pillows wrong.

In fact, user @erikastrongrodrig_ went to extraordinary lengths to get some well-deserved rest and even booked herself in for a ‘pillow fitting’. (Yes, that’s a thing.)

Under the watchful eye of her other half, Andrew, and a sales assistant, the young woman tries a pillow as her partner urges her to switch positions.

“Put just your head on it…your back is still on it,” he complains, as he struggles to keep a straight face in the background.

As his girlfriend shuffles around, you can see her surprise as she’s finally able to get comfortable and makes the shocking discovery.

Even more hilariously, the diligent sales assistant then chimes in: “….so that could be part of the problem also….pillows are made to fill in the void behind your head, so they’re not gonna fill in the void as well if your shoulders are on them.”

The couple then burst into fits of laughter, as they realise that the TikToker has been using pillows incorrectly for over a decade.

In the caption, she even jokes about this and writes: “Went to get fitted for a pillow because I haven’t been able to find a ‘good pillow’ for 10 years. Just found out I was laying on pillows incorrectly.”

Unsurprisingly, the viral video has kept some people up past their bedtimes as they argue about proper pillow etiquette.

Her other half can barely contain his laughter.

The short clip has been seen by over 1.9 million people on TikTok, with one commenting: “lmaoo why were you putting your back on it.”

Others had a similar nightmare and had to educate their spouse on how to use pillows.

Another added: “Taught my husband how to use a pillow… He always complained his neck and shoulders hurt so I started watching how he laid in bed.”

A third then commented: “My husband does this and always complains about pillows lol.”

However, not everyone disagrees with the TikToker, with many revealing that they also slept the same way.

“If I slept with my shoulders off the pillow I would wake up looking like the bent neck lady from haunting of hill house,” argued one fellow pillow misuser, to which a fifth responded: “i don’t like my neck bent up so i sleep with my back on too.”

Sound like a good excuse for an Ikea trip, eh lads?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/erikastrongrodri_

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