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There’s a Titanic II with a seriously low Rotten Tomatoes score and it's hilarious

There’s a Titanic II with a seriously low Rotten Tomatoes score and it's hilarious

The disaster movie was released more than a decade after the original

I think it's safe to say most people know how Titanic ends, right? Much like in real life, the ship sank to the bottom of the ocean, leaving survivors trying to flee the scene and the freezing waters around them. It's not exactly an ending that lends itself to a follow-up - and yet...

Given the disastrous ending to Titanic, the only sequel that would really seem possible is a Pixar-esque adventure focusing on talking sea creatures exploring the wreck of the once-luxurious ship.

Titanic II, however, is not that.

The film actually isn't a sequel to Jack and Rose's story, but instead a 'mockbuster' of the original film which took the world by storm when it was released in release in 1997.

Far from the hard-hitting drama and romance of the original, Titanic II is a disaster film that really leans in to disaster. It's set 100 years after the maiden voyage of the original Titanic, and involves another luxury cruise liner setting off across the Atlantic, only this time from New York to Southampton, rather than the other way around.

There's no slow, accidental collision with an iceberg this time around - instead things are much more dramatic.

While on route, the crew are alerted of a tsunami that ends up actually hurling a large iceberg straight into the ship, leaving many passengers injured. Things go from bad to worse as the ship's turbines explode and a fire breaks out. Before long, the ship starts to tilt towards the ocean ready for a fate similar to its predecessor.

If that description isn't enough to win you over, why don't we check out the ratings?

Let's start with IMDb, where the film has earned itself a measly 1.6 out of 10. Much like in the film, things go from bad to worse when we turn to Rotten Tomatoes, where the film has an Audience Score of just 15 percent and reviews that prove even the positive ones aren't that positive.

One person appeared to sarcastically give the film five stars in a similar vein to the recent trolling of Morbius, writing: "It was so good I rate it first place tied with Morbius."

Another critic didn't bother to hide the disappointment with a one-star review, writing: "Where was jack? I was told he was found in an ice cube. I was here for Leo not this doody."

To be fair, there are a few more genuine four and five star ratings, and one thing Titanic II does have going for it is a runtime half of that of the original Titanic, at one hour and thirty minutes.

So if you're looking for a shorter adventure to the sea, maybe Titanic II is the one for you. Otherwise, you probably just shouldn't bother.

Featured Image Credit: The Asylum

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