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Francis Bourgeois has landed his own series

Francis Bourgeois has landed his own series

TikTok sensation Francis Bourgeois will star in his own Channel 4 show taking celebrities onto the railway network

Francis Bourgeois is set to hit the tracks for his very own TV show, taking celebrities on trainspotting missions.

The TikTok star, famous for his plummy accent and unusual Go Pro camera angles, will be joined by stars from the world of sport, comedy, music, and beyond for the Channel 4 digital show Trainspotting with Francis Bourgeois.

Francis Bourgeois will be hitting the railways with a bevy of celebs.
Channel 4

Let’s hope that it doesn’t bear too much resemblance to the 90s film of the same name starring Ewan McGregor.

Watching someone climb headlong into a toilet from an uncomfortable camera angle on their forehead might be too much.

Anyway, we digress.

The show will comprise of five episodes, in which our hero will escort some unlikely trainspotters on a journey around the rails of the UK, presumably teaching them to recognise the different types and classes of locomotives passing by and attempting to get some ‘tones’ out of the drivers.

Jesse Lingard will be on the trains with Francis.
Channel 4

Francis will be joined by Premier League star Jesse Lingard – J-Lingz, if you prefer – as well as Love Island star Chloe Burrows, musician AJ Tracey – live and direct – comedian Aisling Bea, and Eurovision star Sam Ryder.

It’s an eclectic bunch, to say the least.

If you want to catch it, the episodes will be going live on Channel 4’s YouTube page, with shorter versions then released on Facebook, Instagram, and – of course – TikTok.

He'll also be doing whatever is going on in this photo.
Channel 4

The episodes will be going live from October 19.

The man himself, Francis Bourgeois, said: “Trainspotting with Francis Bourgeois has been an absolute whirlwind.

“When I started making videos about my hobby I never thought anything like this would happen. It’s been totally surreal.

“Celebrities I’ve seen on TV, stages and sports stadiums, I’ve been able to take into my domain to show them how trains and all things mechanical engineering make me feel, hopefully making them feel something good too!

“Showcasing my passion in a way I have never been able to before, has been so liberating. “Showing the ins and outs that make railway enthusiasm such a rollercoaster.

“I cannot wait to show you all!”

AJ Tracey will be donning the famous Go Pro camera.
Channel 4

Channel 4 commissioner Charlie Hyland added: “We’re absolutely delighted to announce the series and to have taken such incredible guests on their first Trainspotting adventure! “Watching Francis grow from a hugely popular and charming TikTok star into a brilliantly funny and authentic presenter, has been a joy which I can’t wait for the rest of the country to see.”

Once again, the show will start going live on YouTube from 19 October.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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