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​A New Instalment Of White Lines Is Already Being Planned

​A New Instalment Of White Lines Is Already Being Planned

Actor Tom Rhys Harries is not only up for round two, he also says the production team are already scouting locations for it

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

New Ibizan drama White Lines may have only dropped on Netflix last week, but already there's talk of a follow-up in the works, with actor Tom Rhys Harries saying planning is currently underway.

Harries plays Mancunian DJ Axel Collins, whose mysterious death triggers a chain reaction on the island and beyond, as his family try to understand why he went missing some 20 years ago.

Written by Alex Pina, who also created Money Heist, the series follows a non-linear structure, skipping between Manchester and Ibiza while also straddling two different time periods.

Because of this, Harries says there's a lot of scope in a future for the show, which could take several directions if it is to move forward.


He tells LADbible: "I know that there are recces happening for season two; they're location scouting, if and when that goes ahead - or that was happening prior to the global pandemic.

"But I think everybody would be really keen to go back and visit Alex [Pina]'s world again, because it's just so out there and colourful and sort of bonkers. It's just a fun place to live in for a little bit."

Whether the planned follow-up will be a sequel or prequel is yet to be decided, Harries says, adding that he'd be delighted to be involved whatever it entailed.

"That's a discussion that we've all been having," he continues.

"There's a couple of years on the island, where Axel - my character - and the younger cast members, we don't see them establishing their sort of clubs there. Because at the end I own five clubs at the point of my death, so there's a world where we could explore those missing years.


"But the thing with Alex's non-linear storytelling - and he does this with Money Heist as well - where you know he could go anywhere with it, so that's really exciting.

"I hope they don't go again without me!"

Of course, it's arguably no surprise that Harries is keen for round two, given just how much fun they all had filming the first instalment.

Harries says: "It was carnage! I'm surprised we came out of it with a show. I don't know what wizardry the editing team have done, but they've managed to put something together.

"We just had a lot of fun. And you're asking for trouble, aren't you - if you've got the content that we were shooting, and where we were shooting it?"

Laughing, he adds: "Then you're going into quite ropey territory, where anything can be attributed to 'research'. Yeah, it was wild."

Watch White Lines on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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