Cillit Bang Actor Struggles To Get Roles As People Think He's Actually Called Barry Scott

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Cillit Bang Actor Struggles To Get Roles As People Think He's Actually Called Barry Scott

Neil Burgess, the actor behind the blue shirt in the iconic Cillit Bang adverts, has revealed that he sometimes struggles to get roles because the casting directors think that he's actually Barry Scott in real life.

Yes, it turns out that the cult of Barry Scott is still warping people's minds completely, even after all of these years.

Oh, and check out his message to US President Donald Trump - tell us how you really feel, Barry.



Speaking to LADbible, Burgess explained that he still searches for acting work nowadays, but 'my problem is that many people think that Barry is real'.

He continued: "I think casting directors truly believe I'm going to turn up in a blue shirt and shout at them, which is tempting."

That said, he remains open to putting the blue shirt back on, and re-inhabiting the role

He went on: "I have started my own channel on YouTube so people can view my work - just Google 'Neil Burgess actor'.


"I would love to play Barry Scott again in perhaps a new vehicle for him, such as a game show host or some kind of spoof.

"If there are any writers and producers out there let me know.

"Let Barry BANG again!"

Seriously, let's make it happen, folks. Support the cause, sign the petition.


When you really think about it, who better to lead us through these dark times in which the fight for cleanliness is more necessary than ever, and the President of the United States is seemingly encouraging people to drink disinfectant?

Well, Barry has some strong words for Donald Trump.

Burgess continued: "My message to Donald Trump would be that 'a wise man once said nothing' and the world desperately needs wise men and women!

"My first thoughts were to invite Donald Trump to appear in a Cillit Bang advert where he could get first-hand experience on learning the difference between disinfectants and medications."

Credit: Cillit Bang
Credit: Cillit Bang

"He would blend in quite well as recently he seems to be physically morphing into a bottle of Cillit Bang.

"More importantly though, in these times when people are at home feeling unwell and unable to see a doctor, there is the temptation to self-medicate.

"It is imperative that people of influence make it absolutely clear, that a cleaning product is not a medicine."


That's actually a great bit of advice.

Burgess played the role of Barry Scott for more than a decade, and - bizarrely enough - became a unlikely cult figure in the process.

Credit: YouTube/Neil Burgess
Credit: YouTube/Neil Burgess

It wasn't always planned to be like that, though. Burgess told us: "I was originally contracted to do one advert, so for it to last 15 years is a huge shock.

"It's longevity has been mostly thanks to the internet, where there have been some hilarious memes and viral videos.

"As far as Barry Scott being a 'cult' is concerned, I think some people would want to change one letter in that word to be more accurate, but I love playing him and the response that I get is fantastic."

Obviously, being a popular folk figure around Britain led to recognition.

He said: "I've been 'BANGed' a lot in the streets where I live since becoming Barry Scott and when people see me they often ask if I'm going somewhere to polish something, or if my pennies are clean.

"The humour can sometimes be overwhelming."

Credit: Neil Burgess/Twitter
Credit: Neil Burgess/Twitter

However, that fame and recognition does not stretch across the Atlantic, it would seem. Barry explained: "I was once in a bar in New York and the owner was wearing a 'Hi I'm Barry Scott' t-shirt with my face on it.

"I nodded and smiled each time I saw him and as time went on my attention seemed to make him nervous.

"As I left the bar I asked him if he would like me to sign his shirt. Looking confused he asked me why.

"I explained he was walking around with my face on his chest and that I was, in fact, Barry Scott.

"He then confessed that he hadn't a clue who I was and that his wife had bought the shirt in a charity shop because his name was also Barry Scott.

"Fame is such a fickle mistress."

True, but it makes for a great story.

Credit: Cillit Bang
Credit: Cillit Bang

As well as reaching number 27 in the HMV singles chart alongside JAKAZiD, Burgess said that he was voted into the top 10 sexiest fictional male characters of all time.

That sounds great.

However: "The bad news is, I was beaten by Chewbacca."

As for the trappings of his new-found showbiz credentials, they led to all sorts of opportunities.

Burgess said: "I once opened a Range supermarket in Plymouth, and I appeared in an episode of Tattoo Fixers on E4 because somebody had got drunk on a lads holiday and had a bottle of Cillit Bang tattooed on his buttock.

"He then woke up in shock and wanted it removed - 'Bang and the tattoo is gone!'

"My face was part of the tattoo and I remember someone saying, 'an arse on an arse'."

That seems unfair.

Incidentally - and because it's a serious point - Reckitt Benckiser, the company that produces Cillit Bang, has this to say about ingesting disinfectant: "As a global leader in health and hygiene products, we must be clear that under no circumstance should our disinfectant products be administered into the human body (through injection, ingestion or any other route).

"As with all products, our disinfectant and hygiene products should only be used as intended and in line with usage guidelines. Please read the label and safety information.

"We have a responsibility in providing consumers with access to accurate, up-to-date information as advised by leading public health experts.

"For this and other myth-busting facts, please visit"

Featured Image Credit: Cillit Bang

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