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Dan Harmon Reveals Season Six Of Rick And Morty Is Being Written

Dan Harmon Reveals Season Six Of Rick And Morty Is Being Written

He said writer Alex Rubens is back on board

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

We've only just been treated to the second part of season four, but Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon has revealed that the sixth is already in development.

In a post on Instagram about his other popular show Community, Harmon wrote that writer Alex Rubens, who also writes for the college-based sitcom, was back on board for the sixth season of Rick and Morty and was currently writing scripts.

He wrote: "One more magical thing about today: the script we're reading, 'Cooperative Polygraphy', is by Community and Rick and Morty alum Alex Rubens, who is BACK at RaM writing on season 6."

This seems to back up what Rick and Morty star Chris Parnell said earlier this year, when he promised fans there would be shorter breaks between seasons in the future.

Parnell, who plays Jerry in the show, told TV Line: "[Harmon and co-creator Justin Roiland] wanted some job security, and they wanted to know that the show was going to be around for a while so that they and the writers could get into some sort of momentum.

"We'll see less lengthy breaks between seasons going forward because of that. And it's very gratifying to know we're going to have all those episodes. Hopefully, Jerry will be around for the duration. You never know."

The next of episode of Rick and Morty will air in the UK on Thursday 14 May on E4 - it was broadcast in the US on Sunday 10 May. But the new episode hasn't gone down well with all the show's fans, after it made a controversial joke that poked fun at the 9/11 terrorist attack.

During the episode, Rick and Morty fly around an alien city and opt out of attacking two identical towers ahead of them.

Narrowly avoiding the buildings, Rick says: "Honestly, I'm proud of us for not."

Adult Swim

Morty replies: "Totally, would have been cheap."

They then fly over a harbour and blow it up, with Rick saying: "Pearl Harbour on the other hand..."

The scene then cuts to the next day where Rick and Morty are having breakfast with Jerry and Beth.

Beth asks: "So, you did a 9/11?"

To which Morty replied: "Almost did a 9/11. We... we went with a Pearl Harbour. We're pretty classy."

Some viewers were shocked by the joke, with one taking to Twitter to say: "Is Rick and Morty still doing 9/11 jokes? Because wow, that's so funny in 2020."

While a second added: "Rick and Morty this season sucks and on top of it you're making 9/11 jokes? How about instead of making two shows that suck, make one good one?"

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