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Pauly Shore Wants To Make Encino Man 2 - And Says Brendan Fraser And Sean Astin Are Up For It

Pauly Shore Wants To Make Encino Man 2 - And Says Brendan Fraser And Sean Astin Are Up For It

The original film became a 90s classic, starring Brendan Fraser as a caveman who befriends teenagers played by Pauly Shore and Sean Astin

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Hands up: who remembers Encino Man (or California Man, as it was known in some parts of the world)? Even if you weren't alive or quite with it when the movie was released in 1992, no doubt many of you will have fond memories of getting it out on VHS from the video shop round the corner.

The film revolved around two teenagers from Encino, a neighbourhood in LA's San Fernando Valley, who end up unearthing a caveman frozen in a block of ice.

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The two young lads, played by Sean Astin and Pauly Shore, soon befriend the mysterious prehistoric man (Brendan Fraser) and show him the ways of the modern world, complete with plenty of 90s japes and big hairdos.

While their adventure ended happily, I'm sure many of us would welcome another instalment, even if only for nostalgic value.

Well, as it happens, the original trio who starred in the flick are all on board.

Shore posted a throwback behind-the-scenes photo of himself with former co-stars Fraser and Astin on Instagram, writing: "Good o'l Encino Man, remember this classic?"

But as well as being a blast from the past, his post was also an announcement telling us they'd all be up for round two.

He continued: "How many people want to see Encino Man 2?! Hit up Disney+ on social media and let them know Brendan, Sean, and myself are ready to go! Let's do this 2021. Let's Wiez the prune juice dooooooooodz."

And it seems many others also want to see it happen, with one commenting: "Yes, Yes, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! OMG would be so AMAZING if this happened!"

Buena Vista Pictures

Someone else said: "Pauly this is the first movie I ever bought myself on VHS.YES PLEASE."

A third wrote: "THAT WOULD BE UNREAL! ENCINO MAN 2!!!"

Remembering their love for the original, another said: "I was OBSESSED with this movie! I would drive my father NUTS because this was all I wanted to watch! Thank you for the awesome memories you all took park in my younger days! Love you guys!"

Featured Image Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

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