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Sacha Baron Cohen Says He Started A Riot Filming Borat 2

Sacha Baron Cohen Says He Started A Riot Filming Borat 2

Course he did

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Sacha Baron Cohen has revealed that he started a riot at a far-right rally filming Borat 2. You can watch the trailer for the upcoming movie here:

The 48-year-old has frequently landed himself in uncomfortable and outright dangerous situations under his innumerable guises, and said he was lucky to come out of a recent stunt in one piece.

In an article for Time, he wrote: "While filming my latest Borat film, I showed up as a right-wing singer at a gun-rights rally in Washington State.

"When organisers finally stormed the stage, I rushed to a nearby get-away vehicle. An angry crowd blocked our way and started pounding on the vehicle with their fists. Under my overalls, I was wearing a bulletproof vest, but it felt inadequate with some people outside toting semi-automatic weapons.

"When someone ripped open the door to drag me out, I used my entire body weight to pull the door back shut until our vehicle manoeuvred free.

"I was fortunate to make it out in one piece."

This sort of conflict is nothing new for the satirist and provocateur, of course. One prank during the making of Bruno got particularly hairy.

Cohen recalled: "A few times in my career, I have genuinely feared for my life.

"In Arkansas, I posed as an ultimate fighter at a cage match and challenged anyone in the audience to take me on. When my fake ex-boyfriend volunteered, we engaged in some heavy petting, triggering a near riot.

"The crowd - including some recently paroled prisoners with swastika tattoos - erupted in homophobic slurs and started hurling metal chairs at us. Had I not ducked into a trapdoor and out an escape tunnel, I think the crowd would have beaten me senseless."

Cohen was recounting these terrifying encounters as a means of highlighting the very real fear he has about the prospect of Donald Trump winning the US Presidential election.

He wrote: "The fate of US democracy now rests with voters and whether they stand up in record numbers and choose truth over lies.

"As protesters outside the 1968 Democratic convention chanted after they were brutally beaten by police, 'The whole world is watching' - and this time it's to see whether our planet's oldest democracy will endure or slide into autocracy."

Borat 2 is out on Amazon Prime on 23 October.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon Prime

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