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The Goonies Cast And Crew Reunite On Josh Gad's New Web Series

The Goonies Cast And Crew Reunite On Josh Gad's New Web Series

Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Steven Spielberg and Cyndi Lauper all took part in the reunion

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

The cast and crew of beloved '80s adventure comedy The Goonies reunited on Josh Gad's new YouTube series, Reunited Apart.

Stars of the show all made appearances, including Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman and Cyndi Lauper, along with executive producer Steven Spielberg and director Richard Donner.

The reunion took place on Zoom, of course, as all the cast members are in quarantine, and soon they were all reciting some of the best lines and even talking about an actual reunion.

When the video started with superfan Josh Gad, aka the voice of Frozen's Olaf, who appeared to absolutely lose it on a number of occasions when things all got too much.

Throwback to the film.
Warner Bros.

When the chat began, Josh said: "If I were to tell my younger self that this was happening I'd probably have, like, a 1980s Hodor fit."

At the beginning the conversation only involved the core cast members, including Josh Brolin (Brand), Martha Plimpton (Stef), Kerri Green (Andy), Jeff Cohen (Chunk), Ke Huy Quan (Data), Sean Astin (Mikey) and Corey Feldman (Mouth).

After explaining what they were all getting up to in lockdown and then asking each other some questions, the group then welcomed the actors who played the sinister Fratelli Brothers - otherwise known as Robert Davi (Jake Fratelli) and Joe Pantoliano (Francis Fratelli).

Shortly afterwards, Gad brought out writer Chris Columbus and director Richard Donner - who was celebrating his 90th birthday - as well as director Steven Spielberg. Quite the gathering!

I guess Goonies never say die, after all.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Josh Gad

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