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Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Answers Question 'Why Is The Series So Terrible?'

Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Answers Question 'Why Is The Series So Terrible?'

Sometimes you've got to show grace and decorum when it comes to answering critics

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

We all expect harsh questions to come up during a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, but The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman probably wasn't expecting anyone to why the TV show is 'so terrible'. Oof.

Still, Kirkman responded in the most civilised fashion, simply saying: "You're certainly welcome to your opinion but thankfully millions of people do not share it."

Robert Kirkman at The Walking Dead Season 10 premiere.

He went on to add: "I highly recommend that you try Breaking Bad or Ozark or Stranger Things or Game of Thrones or Billions or Barry or Ted Lasso or See or The Boys or any number of other great TV shows out there if you don't like The Walking Dead."

Nice work, sir.

Kirkman co-created the original Walking Dead comics along side artist Tony Moore back in 2003, for publishers Image Comics.

In his response on Reddit, he then went on to reference another of his comic creations than has recently been adapted for TV, adding: "You could even try Invincible on Amazon Prime right now."

Backing up Kirkman, one fan replied: "Politely disagree. I love the series!"

Politeness everywhere! You love to see it.

The American comics writer went on to reveal that TWD might not be at the very end just yet, when one fan begged: "PLEASE DONT END THE SERIES WITHOUT RICK REUNITING WITH MICHONNE, JUDITH, MORGAN and DARYL."

Kirkman wrote back: "The Walking Dead is a universe now. I'd say season 11 is AN end, not THE end."

Mundy played a zombie in The Walking Dead.
AMC Studios

The fun doesn't stop there, either - apparently, a video game version of Invincible could be on its way.

When a fan told him: "Never ever seen or heard of Invincible until now (half way through the 1st episode currently) this is dope... I want a video game for it," Kirkman responded teasingly: "TRYING!"

It was only a matter of time until someone asked about the status of the upcoming Rick Grimes movie - previously described as 'a different kind of Walking Dead story - to which Kirkman said: "Well... we're still working very hard on it... making sure it's absolutely perfect.

"I'm getting asked this a lot and it sucks not being able to say more. I'm hoping that there will be some very cool concrete news soon so that we can start speaking feely about this project.

"I can only promise that when it's finally done it will be worth the wait. Andrew Lincoln is the BEST!"

Concluding the AMA, he wrote: "OKAY! I hope I answered all your questions to your satisfaction. I tried to hit as many as I could. This was a ton of fun. I'll try not to let too much time pass before I do it again. Thank you so much for participating.

"Now... go watch Invincible on Amazon Prime right now!"

We're on it.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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