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Netflix Viewers Say They Can't Sleep After Watching Horror Movie Hereditary

Netflix Viewers Say They Can't Sleep After Watching Horror Movie Hereditary

Ari Aster's film has been described as the 'scariest movie ever'

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A new Netflix horror movie is being talked about as one of the scariest movies ever made, and viewers have been tweeting about how they've been unable to sleep or simply in tears after watching it. If that sounds like your sort of caper, maybe you should check out Hereditary.

The film actually came out in 2018, and tells the tale of Annie Graham, played by Toni Collette, as she comes to terms with the death of her mother.

Writer/director Ari Aster's horrifying tale has already been hailed by various critics as 'the singularly most terrifying horror film in years' and 'this generation's The Exorcist'.

Annie tries to carry on with her normal life while grieving her loss, but starts to uncover a number of terrifying secrets in her family history.

Netflix viewers were initially thrilled to learn that Aster's film had dropped into their living room, but some have since shared their horror on Twitter.

One wrote: "So I stupidly just watched Hereditary on my own not thinking it would be scary. Let's just say I'm crying as I type this."


Another said: "Do not watch Hereditary on Netflix. I seriously haven't been able to sleep for two nights."

The film premiered to much praise at Sundance Film Festival, with one critic calling it 'the scariest movie ever'.

Speaking about the themes explored in the film, Aster - who was also behind the terrifying Midsommar - told Vox: "I knew that I really wanted to make a film about the corrosive effects of trauma on a family unit.

"I knew that I wanted to make a film... about a family that's basically eating itself in its grief. It's a story that I certainly had in me. I didn't really have to find it.

"Ultimately, I did want to make a film that was seriously tackling these issues and operating almost as a meditation on these things, while at the same time functioning as an exciting genre film that hopefully delivers."


Well, it would certainly seem as if he's delivered on some of his promises, at the very least.

The film itself is actually pretty complicated, and there are a lot of little features that you will have to be particularly eagle-eyed to figure out.

Basically, watch it once with complete attention, because otherwise you'll have to watch it all again.

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