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Will Smith Once Slapped A 'Reporter' Who Tried To Kiss Him

Will Smith Once Slapped A 'Reporter' Who Tried To Kiss Him

Will Smith was on the Men in Black 3 red carpet when prankster Vitalii Sediuk tried to plant a smacker on him

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Despite being well renowned as one of Hollywood's good guys, Will Smith once had a bit of a snap at a 'reporter' who tried to kiss him on the cheek once. Check it out below.

He even had to explain his actions on The Late Show with David Letterman after the fact.

Of course, the person wasn't really a reporter, no self-respecting journalist would ever stoop that low for a story, right?

Don't answer that.

Still, at the Men in Black 3 premiere in Moscow, a Ukrainian prankster decided to pucker up and attempt to kiss the star as he paraded on the red carpet.

Smith wasn't best pleased.

After the fact, Will seemed to take it a little more in his stride, and the joker even got in touch to apologise.

Smith described the incident at the time as 'just awkward', but it seemed a little more than that in the heat of the moment.

Letterman started the whole thing, asking Will whether he 'beat up a guy who was trying to hug you'.

Will replied: "I didn't beat up a guy!"

That's where his story began.

He said: "He says, 'I'm you're biggest fan, can I have a hug?' So I go to give this joker a hug, and he tries to lean in and kiss me!"

The fan in question was renowned jokester Vitalii Sediuk, and in a video with Hip Hollywood, he actually said sorry for his actions.

Sediuk tries to kiss Smith.

He obviously didn't learn from them, given that he's performed a heap of similar - slightly sinister - pranks on other celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, and Brad Pitt.

Pitt was even granted a restraining order against him.

Anyway, he said: "I apologise for my behaviour... I think it was too much.

"I just wanted to do something extraordinary to impress him.

He added: "I don't kiss every man or women when I see them in the street.

Smith at a photocall in Moscow before the event.

Sediuk also said that if he were to meet Smith again, he would 'just shake his hand' instead of trying to plant one on him.

A wise move indeed.

As for Will, he said that he did receive a personal apology too. He added: "They were like, 'Oh, no, we're sorry, you know. It's just his shtick, you know.'"

He then quipped: "I said, 'Well, that's why his a** got shtuck'".

Very good.

At least he was quickly able to laugh about the whole thing, it could have turned very ugly.

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