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Will Smith Has Put The Mansion From The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air On Airbnb

Will Smith Has Put The Mansion From The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air On Airbnb

Will Smith has chucked the infamous mansion from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air onto Airbnb for a limited time.

The offer is to celebrate the show's 30th anniversary.

If you've ever watched the show and wondered what it would be like to live in that sprawling, massive mansion then wonder no more.

But you won't have very long to get your hands on the keys. The property will only be listed for five days, so you would probably want to be living in Los Angeles already to make it worth your while.


Airbnb said in a statement: "The 'Fresh Prince' will turn things upside down - once again - for the town where his reign began.

"The actor and entrepreneur is adding Airbnb host to his long resume and opening the doors to his former 'kingdom,' so fans can create some memories of their own."

The mansion only served as the facade to the home that Will and his on-screen family lived in for all those years. The interior shown in the series was just a film set.


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This property has been decked out with loads of things that will be every Fresh Prince fan's dream. There will be 'bold graffiti art, posh interiors, timeless family portraits, and Philly cheesesteaks served on silver platters'. You'll get access to Will's massive bedroom, bathroom, dining room and poolside lounge.

There will even be a fully stocked Fresh Prince-style wardrobe that you can dive into until your heart's content.

Credit: Airbnb
Credit: Airbnb

But you'll only be able to stay for one night on October 2, 5, 8, 11 and 14.


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The ridiculous part is that the stay will only cost you $30 - one dollar for every year since the series began way back on September 10, 1990.

The only other caveat is that the Airbnb listing is available to two people at a time, who already live in Los Angeles and who already live together. Because of coronavirus rules, that's just the way it has to be.

If you don't fulfil that criteria but still want your Fresh Prince fix then fear not, the cast have announced a HBO unscripted reunion will be released in the next few weeks.

Nearly all your favourites will be back together and will reminisce about all the good times they had while filming the series.

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