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Viewers confused by 1% Club question that not one person on show managed to work out

Viewers confused by 1% Club question that not one person on show managed to work out

Viewers even tried to suggest the show had got it wrong

From the comfort of your own home, cup of tea in hand and picky bits on the table, being a quiz show winner might be pretty easy.

But in reality, under those big lights with cameras everywhere, being a contestant on a show like The 1% Club is probably a little harder than you’d think.

And yet that doesn’t stop us all from being pros from our sofas, buzzing when we get an answer right – or pretending we never said anything at all when we get it wrong.

Well, viewers of the popular ITV quiz show were once left baffled by the final question which no one in the competition managed to work out either.

The 1% Club sees 100 members of the public putting their logic, common sense and intelligent to the test.

As contestants become fewer and fewer as the questions go on, any contestant who can correctly answer a question that only one percent of the nation got right will win a share of up to £100,000 cash.

But that doesn’t always happen.

In one episode, host Lee Mack asked the finalist: “What is the first number that when spelled out has its letters in alphabetical order?"

Many viewers didn't get it either.

After having 30 seconds to answer, Elliot said ‘four’.

And crushingly, the finalist was wrong – the winning answer was revealed to be 40. This confused a whole load of viewers, who took to TikTok to explain just how baffled they were.

Some were even questioning the spelling of 40 and continued to seek another number also spelt in alphabetical order.

One viewer asked: "How did people get to 40... I was still working out THREE.”

Some other fans were genuinely left wondering how 'forty' was the correct spelling of 40, when 'four' contains a 'U'.

A different user had the same train of thought, commenting: "Since when is forty spelled without a u? You know... as in four?”

Would you have got it correct?

Despite this backlash, in case you’re doubting it, 'forty' is not spelt with a 'U' at all in Modern English, though there are spellings with the letter in historic Middle English texts.

In addition to this, a number of viewers suggested that eight was actually the correct answer to the question, with someone commenting: “It’s eight! They made a mistake.”

Another viewer agreed, saying: “Why not eight? Comes before forty.”

Well obviously, because ‘G’ comes before ‘I’, prompting one user to say: “Please tell me how people are getting eight. I'm genuinely concerned.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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