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People ‘lost’ over 1% club question only 10% of people will get

People ‘lost’ over 1% club question only 10% of people will get

Although some users reckon it's 'easy', others were stumped

Let’s be real, we all think we’re a pro when we’re sat at home and watch a quiz show, getting one out of all the questions right.

It’s the British way. We sit with our cuppa and are convinced we’re a genius. But usually, we end up getting most of it wrong and insist ‘oh I knew that’ anyway.

And one classic show for that is ITV’s The 1% Club with its mind-boggling questions.

Hosted by Lee Mack, the quiz show sees 100 members of the public put common sense, logic and intelligence to the test.

And then any contestant who correctly answers a question that just one percent of the nation got right wins a share of up to £100,000 cash.

Questions from the show are regularly doing the rounds on TikTok and this one has people absolutely ‘lost’ over it.

As read out by Mack, the 10% question goes: “Lee was driving when he noticed his milometer read 16961 and was the same backwards and forwards.

“What will the next mileage be that also reads the same backwards and forwards?”

Would you be able to answer this?

To be honest, my Sunday brain is struggling to get around this one from the comfort of my home. I can’t imagine being in a TV studio with a load of flashing lights trying to figure it out.

But it seems it wasn’t much of a struggle for the contestants as none of them were dropped from the round.

To be fair, now I’ve seen the answer is so obvious. Like I said; oh, I knew that.

Turns out the answer to the number-based question is 17071 – duh.

But users commented: “You lost me. I thought it was 17171.”

And echoing my vibe, another wrote: “I got one correct. Do I get a prize?”

People reckon it's an easy question.

Seems it was pretty easy as users couldn’t believe it was part of the round, writing: “No way this was a 10% question,” with a laughing-face.

Alright smart a**e.

Many in the comments did get it wrong though coming up with answers such as 17971, 19691 and 18881.

Another user wrote: “My dumb a** would’ve been out.”

But plenty did call it ‘easy’.

The 1% Club always has viewers divided – that’s why it’s so good.

Like this question about a bat and a ball.

“A bat and a ball cost £1.10 in total. The bat costs £1 more than the ball. How much does the bat cost?”

The answer is £1.05, but viewers were absolutely baffled.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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