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Psychological drama available to watch on BBC 'so good' viewers are left 'wishing' for more episodes

Psychological drama available to watch on BBC 'so good' viewers are left 'wishing' for more episodes

The hit series stars Jamie Dornan

Viewers have been left seriously impressed by a BBC psychological drama starring Jamie Dornan.

It has a solid 7 out of 10 on IMDb, where fans have branded it ‘powerful as hell’ and ‘very special’, while someone else said they ‘wish’ there had been more episodes.

One person wrote: “This is a very special TV mini series that is not only worth the watch but should be saved and then savoured for when you want to be thoroughly entertained.”

Jamie Dornan and Danielle MacDonald star in the series.

A second said: “Twists and turns through a desolate Aussie landscape keeping you guessing all the way til the end.

"No one is what they seem in this Aussie acid trip. Slow burner that draws you in and intrigues you all the way. Interesting characters and some stylish photography keep you watching. Really enjoyed this quirky series.”

The Tourist centres on Elliot (played by Dornan) who wakes up in an Australian hospital suffering from amnesia with no clue who he is or how he got there.

You can check out a trailer for the show here:

With the assistance of local cop Helen (played Danielle Macdonald), the man must then try and piece together the few clues he has about his identity to discover who he is before his past catches up with him.

The second season sees Elliot and Helen head to Ireland in search of answers about his identity, but instead, they’re forced to face the dangerous consequences of his past actions.

Juicy, eh?

The first season aired back in 2022 and was quickly renewed for a second helping which landed in January this year.

And people are devastated to have finished the series.

Viewers have raved about the show.

One wrote: “Very easy to binge watch thriller serial, Dornan is good as the main character, but the star of the show is Danielle MacDonald as wannabe Police Officer Helen Chambers.”

Another person said: “This new series disregards many codes and brings some fresh air into the world of thrillers. It is also filled with humour even if it is sometimes difficult to grasp for Americans.”

A third said: "I wish there had been an episode seven."

Sadly for fans, it's not yet been confirmed if there'll be a season three.

If you fancy checking it out yourself, you can watch both seasons of The Tourist on BBC iPlayer right now, while the first season is available to stream on Netflix with the second landing on the platform later this month.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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