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The Chase host Bradley Walsh stunned as team make ‘television history’ in ‘world first’ on show

The Chase host Bradley Walsh stunned as team make ‘television history’ in ‘world first’ on show

Contestants on The Chase made 'television history' with a 'world's first' on a recent episode

Bradley Walsh was left utterly stunned by a group of contestants on The Chase.

Now, anyone who has seen the long-running game show will know what it's all about - four contestants take part to see how much money they win.

However, rather than simply answering a few questions correctly and getting the cash, they have the added obstacle of the dreaded 'chasers'.

Though it sounds like a simple enough format, I've had the displeasure of having to try and actually explain it to someone unfamiliar with the show before, and it was a veritable nightmare.

Could you beat the Chaser?

Basically, each player must take on one chaser, who offers them certain amounts, depending on how well they performed in the initial quiz round, to move closer to them on the board - i.e. more money on offer - or further away - less money.

Whatever they win they take through to the final chase. Get it? Good.

As you can imagine, it's generally accepted that contestant should go for the middle or higher offer, with a special ring of hell reserved for those who go for the lower - sometimes even negative - offer.

But, in a 'world's first', Bradley and his band of chasers were presented with a team who broke all the rules.

In this particular episode, the first three contestants each took the lowest offer, which was £1,000.

And when the final member of the team, Ritchie, took part, chaser Mark Labbett joked: "Richie either way, whatever you do next you'll make television history."

Well, guess what, ol' Ritchie decided to forgo the offer of £73,000, instead following his team and plumping for £1,000.

Am I hearing you right, Ritchie?

It's fair to say that Bradders and Mark were both stunned by this.

“That's the first time that it's ever happened anywhere in the world,” said Mark.

“Every team member going low, you'll be YouTube sensations."

With the host jumping in, saying: "I don't think this team is here to win money.

“I think they just want to beat The Beast."

But it didn't do them any good, as despite managing to get 18 in the final round, Mark still managed to chase them down, meaning they left with nothing.

Watching on back home, viewers were not happy with the tactic.

"OMFG all four went low," wrote one person on Twitter.

While another added: "What’s the point in going on a quiz show to just go for low offers, seriously."

I mean, they have a point.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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