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Simon Cowell accused of 'blatant lie' in Britain's Got Talent final as he addresses 'fix' claims

Simon Cowell accused of 'blatant lie' in Britain's Got Talent final as he addresses 'fix' claims

Viewers were not happy with the BGT judge

Look let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be a big bit of British telly if viewers didn’t find something to kick off about.

And following last night’s final of Britain’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell has been accused of a ‘blatant lie’ as he addressed claims of a ‘fix’.

The final of BGT was won by singer Sydnie Christmas, the first ever solo female (without a dog) to win the show in 17 years.

However, there has been some controversy around the singer’s participation in the ITV show due to her having some professional performing credits to her name.

This pretty much began from the moment the golden buzzer buzzed for Christmas at the auditions, as many viewers believe it’s unfair for ‘professionals’ to take part in the show.

Two of the finalists this year have faced this criticism, as Innocent Makusu also has professional credits as an opera singer.

But towards the end of the final, Cowell discussed this year’s acts and said: “None of them are professional.”

And viewers quickly took to X to rant and say: “Simon is lying about none of the acts being professional!”

Simon Cowell has been accused of 'lying'. (ITV)
Simon Cowell has been accused of 'lying'. (ITV)

Another echoed: “A professional singer wins a final that Simon claimed ‘had no professionals in it’.”

Others also slammed: “Absolutely fixed! A professional winning it! Shocking @bgt! Didn’t do your homework…. Can’t believe Simon also said that none of the acts tonight are professionals!”

With many writing: “Simon says no professional acts in the final and one wins, the other was 4th, biggest FIX I've ever seen.”

As one put: “What a fix! And Simon's statement about professional performers felt a little forced & deliberate, when everyone blatantly knows Sydnie Christmas is an established West End performer having performed in Starlight Express, Grease, Lazarus! FIX!”

Sydnie Christmas won the show. (ITV)
Sydnie Christmas won the show. (ITV)

However, while Christmas does have performance credits, it’s worth noting that her dream is to be ‘on the West End stage’ and she is not a ‘West End performer’.

The 28-year-old has appeared on cruise ships and performed a show in Germany before coming on to BGT, while she currently works in a gym.

Plus, while viewers complain about the Kent woman winning the show, it’s probably worthwhile remembering how she won.

BGT of course works on votes, and Christmas therefore had the most votes from viewers to win the show – so obviously not everyone has such a big problem with her past, they just loved her performance.

LADbible has contacted ITV for comment.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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