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Celebrity Big Brother’s top five most outrageous moments ahead of tonight’s reboot

Celebrity Big Brother’s top five most outrageous moments ahead of tonight’s reboot

The echoes of some of this must still be going round the Big Brother House

After over five years, it’s finally time to see a bunch of stars shack up under the same roof together again.

Yep, Celebrity Big Brother is back, starting on ITV tonight (4 March).

Regular Big Brother returned to our screens late last year and now the celeb version is also returning with a rumoured line-up including the likes of Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne, Levi Roots and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu.

With quite a mix of stars set to enter the house where they’ll have to follow a list of strict rules, there’s no doubt there’ll be all kinds of wild and bizarre moments.

That’s what Celebrity Big Brother produces, right? Unforgettable, meme-worthy and quotable moments that live rent-free in our minds.

Here’s just five of the many outrageous moments from over the years of the show.

The ‘David's dead’ drama

Never forget.
Channel 5

Well, obviously this one was going to be on the list. It might have been back in 2016 but it feels like only yesterday when this all kicked off in the Big Brother House.

While Angie Bowie was taking part in the show her ex-husband, the infamous David Bowie, died and producers broke to the news to her.

But when she decided to confide in housemate Tiffany Pollard, a mega chaos of misunderstanding took place.

That’s because David Gest was also on the show, with Pollard believing he was dead and telling the others. And you know how it goes, ‘David’s dead’ began to echo around the house until Gest was found.

Perez Hilton’s dramatic return

The housemates couldn't believe it.
Channel 5

Let’s rewind to 2015, when Perez Hilton drove his housemates crazy with his wild antics and frequent arguments with Katie Hopkins.

And during the season, he ‘left’, giving them some peace and quiet. Only he didn’t actually leave, he was hiding away in another room watching them all slate him.

So, when he came back to the house, most of his co-stars weren’t exactly thrilled, with Hopkins having an unforgettable face like thunder.

Ann Widdecombe’s hair mare

Nice try Ann.
Channel 5

Immortalised in meme-form, how could you forget the former tory politician trying to straighten her hair?

Hilariously, Widdecombe couldn’t quite seem to use the straighteners properly back in 2018.

Over and over again, she missed the sections of her hair, and kept clamping down on thin air.

“I’m claustrophobic, Darren!”

You know when you can hear a picture?
Channel 5

Another of those heavily quoted moments, Gemma Collins truly provided during her series – also in 2016.

The high-maintenance star was sick of the tasks and felt ‘gamed out’, she told Gillian McKeith to ‘f**k off’ and accused the straighteners of leaving her hair ‘frazzled’.

And of course, when West End star Darren Day tried to stop her from leaving, Collins cried: “I’m claustrophobic, Darren!”

“You’re an adulterer!”

Channel 5

Kim Woodburn screamed this with such passion the words must still be echoing in the halls of the Big Brother House.

The Queen of Clean managed to pick a fight with just about every housemate during her series in 2017.

And when it came to Jamie O’Hara, Woodburn really got worked up.

Before she was removed by security, she branded the footballer a ‘chicken livered s**t’ and slammed him as ‘an adulterer’.

Well, bring on Celebrity Big Brother 2024, I guess.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5

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