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New Goldilocks horror film gets first chaotic trailer

New Goldilocks horror film gets first chaotic trailer

Yet another adaptation to ruin our childhoods

Oh yes - there's yet another film that has set out to ruin our childhoods yet again by twisting an innocent family classic into a deranged and twisted adaptation.

Written and directed by Craig Rees, the upcoming flick inspired by Goldilocks and the Three Bears has just got its first chaotic trailer.

Aptly titled Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Death and Porridge - which, yes, sounds very similar to the title of viral hit Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey - this is definitely an alternative spin on the 19th-century English tale we've all grown to know and love.

Goldilocks has had a bit of a makeover since our childhoods.
Gold Eagle Studios

The eerily cryptic tagline of the film reads: "Never enter into someone's house without permission," and it features a cast including Olha Solomakhina, Julian Amos, FlexSingh, Jimmy Roberts, Abigail Huxley, Susan Franks, Robson Medler, Jack Barry and Grace Darling Smith.

Albeit brief and a tad arthouse, the teaser trailer gives audiences a peek into what the upcoming adaptation will look like.

Soundtracked by an eerie lullaby tune with some ghastly giggling to really crank up the creepiness, the trailer begins by showing two people waking up confused in the middle of the woods.

A masked-up Goldilocks appears pointing a gun to the camera before the shot pans to a man in a bear suit stirring a big bubbling cauldron and then another masked man swinging an axe.

The Big Bad Wolf looks like he's raging.
Gold Eagle Studios

It all comes to a dramatic finish with Goldilocks dancing around in circles.

The upcoming thriller flick joins a whole bunch of other independent projects putting an incredibly dark and macabre spin on beloved fairy tales and children's stories within the public domain.

Whether that's the bloody Winnie the Pooh adaptation or a gory horror remake of Cinderella which will see some 'truly horrific deaths' - it's clear there's definitely a bit of a trend going on right now in the horror movie genre, and let's just say it's sent the internet into quite the frenzy.

That looks like some gnarly porridge to me.
Gold Eagle Studios

People have rushed in to share their reactions to the latest adapted fairytale flick with one YouTube user writing: "This looks dark - can’t wait!"

"This I have to see! Looks like Goldilocks is really playing bad this time!" penned a second.

A third commented: "Oh wow this is Goldilocks twisted for sure. These movies are the new trend."

They sure are.

Who knows whatever beloved classic from our childhood will next be on the chopping block for the horror treatment?

Guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Featured Image Credit: Gold Eagle Studios

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