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Josie Gibson reveals ‘secret showdown’ with Fred wasn't aired on I'm A Celeb

Josie Gibson reveals ‘secret showdown’ with Fred wasn't aired on I'm A Celeb

Josie revealed that she had a secret showdown with the stove hogging TV star which viewers didn't get to see.

Although we think we're getting the full story, I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! isn't always able to cram all the drama that goes on in camp into each episode.

ITV producers instead prefer to bombard viewers with naked shots of Nigel Farage in the shower, while apparently dumping all the juicy bits on the cutting room floor.

So campmate Josie Gibson decided to do some of God's work during her exit interview on Saturday (9 December) night by revealing that she had a 'secret showdown' with Fred Sirieix which wasn't aired on the hit show.

The First Dates star has been at the centre of a string of controversies throughout this year's I'm A Celeb - including his feud with Nella Rose, his irritation with Sam Thompson and his harsh cooking critiques regarding just about everyone.

He then caused another jungle clash with Josie when she stepped up as camp chef, slamming her for having 'no method or technique' during a rant in the Bush Telegraph.

Fred fumed: "She is just winging it and making it up as she goes along. It's better if I look away and stay away from the kitchen, because it just drives me crazy."

He continued to roast her kitchen prowess after she botched her bean fritters, while also claiming that the This Morning presenter was binning leftovers instead of saving them to eat later.

Josie revealed she had a 'secret showdown' with her cooking-loving campmate.

It's safe to say the maître d' struggled to hand over the responsibility of cooking up a storm to another celeb and unfortunately for Josie, her grub put her in the firing line.

She dished the dirt on her fiery face-off with Fred which viewers didn't get to see while chatting with Ant and Dec after she was given the boot this weekend, which meant she narrowly missed out on a place in the final.

The 38-year-old told the hosts: "I was trying to cook and Fred was criticising everything I do. I think I put him straight at the end. I just had to settle it with a showdown. We had a showdown in the end and I won."

Brits were left fuming that they didn't get to see the Bristol-born TV star take Fred down a peg or two and remind him that too many cooks spoil the broth.

Social media users shared their thoughts on ITV's editing choices online - and they weren't too pleased.

One said: "So Josie and Fred had a showdown but ITV decided not to edit it in, such a shame."

Another wrote: "Josie said in her interview that she had a playful showdown with Fred but they must've cut that out. The way they edit these shows to create good guys & bad guys which massively influences voting."

A third added: "Why wouldn't you show the showdown?" and a fourth raged: "I want to see Josie and Fred's showdown!"

The First Dates star caused a lot of rows regarding the camp's kitchen duties.

Fred has already received a stern telling off for his behaviour around the camp stove - from none other than his mother.

During his post-exit interview on Josie's turf, This Morning, he backtracked on his savage food reviews after the former healthcare worker gave him a tongue-lashing.

The Gordon, Gino and Fred: Roadtrip star explained: "Look, in all fairness the meals that Josie cooked were very good. "She could cook a meal on the day. What I was concerned with was how she was able to use and recycle the bones and other vegetables and other peels in order to prepare a stock so that we could improve the day after. That's it.

"This morning, I spoke to my mum who called me because she knew I was out and she said to me, 'Frederick, what did you do with Josie? Why were you standing over the top telling her what to do? What was going through your mind?' I got a telling-off from my mum.

"She said, 'Frederick, I don't want to listen to you, this is unacceptable, you can't do that and I don't want you to do it again today.'She didn't understand that I was not in the jungle and I was out because of the way everything is edited.

"I had to explain to her. She was mad and I had to say to her, 'Look mum, I'm not going to do it again'."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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