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People are all saying the same thing about I’m A Celeb camp mate after first week

People are all saying the same thing about I’m A Celeb camp mate after first week

Since the show started, there have been a few fallouts between the celebrities

It appears that there has been another near-miss in the jungle after social media users jumped to the defence of one camp mate.

Since the show started, there have been a few fallouts between the cast of I’m A Celebrity, including the infamous row between Nella Rose and Fred Sirieix.

But now, it appears that excitable Sam Thompson has been pre-emptively taken under the wing of his fans after he was told to tone down his enthusiasm before a trial.

In a recent episode, Thompson wanted to give Rose a little pick-me-up after noticing her hesitation about their upcoming challenge.

Sam Thompson has been taken under the wings of his fans.

He told her: “Nella, I’m going to give you the most encouragement you’ve ever seen in your life. When a spider is hurling across the wall onto your face…”

Though, Rose may have been too anxious to listen to his speech as she immediately stated: "I’m done, no," and walked away.

This interaction seemed to leave Thompson believing that Rose wanted another camp mate to pair up with her instead, as he felt ‘guilty’ after their short conversation.

He said: “I think she wants someone else to do it with her. I think I’m going to let her down.”

But wires had obviously been crossed during the interaction as the YouTuber claimed to ‘love Sam to bits’ when speaking to fellow camp mate Danielle Harold.

Nella Rose previously argued with Fred Sirieix.

Rose went on to comment that he ‘overwhelms me very quickly when I’m trying to be Zen. I want to hear more like you’ve got this, it’s only temporary - not you’ve got a spider on your face’.

She went on to call him over for a chat and speak to him about his ‘energy’.

She remarked: “This is the energy we need for the trial. You see this peace we have unlocked. We need calmness. Because Nella gets overwhelmed.”

Many have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the situation.

Users claim that he's the happiest person in the camp.

"Why does everyone have to cater to how Nella feels?" one user asked.

Another wrote: “Protect this man [Thompson] at all costs!”

While a third said: "Sam is our wholesome, respectful king."

Another shared a photo of an excitable Golden Retriever and added: "Sam Thompson at all times."

Others pointed to Thompson's recent ADHD diagnosis as a possible reason for his excitable character.

“Doesn’t Sam have ADHD? He can’t help who he is why should he have to change who he is for you Nella?” one user wrote.

"Not Nella slating Sam as if he’s not got ADHD and is very open about it," echoed another.

Though, it appears that Thompson has taken it in his stride and isn’t harbouring any negative feelings, regardless of how X users feel.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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