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Gangland drama described as 'greatest Irish TV show' with incredible cast is available on ITV player

Gangland drama described as 'greatest Irish TV show' with incredible cast is available on ITV player

The show has recently dropped on ITVX.

A crime series which has been described as the 'greatest Irish TV show' is now available to watch on ITVX.

While the drama originally aired on Irish channel, RTE, us Brits can now catch all five seasons of the thriller on the streaming site.

The gangster drama tells the story of Dublin's drug-fuelled criminal underworld.

At the centre of the show is Darren Treacy, who is returning to Dublin after hiding in Spain in a bid to avoid the Garda.

Darren has only just returned to Ireland when he learns that his ex-girlfriend Rosie has moved on, and his brother Robbie has been shot by a rival gang.

Robert Sheehan and Ruth Negga star.
Octagon Films/RTE

The drive-by shooting sparks a war within the community, with Darren and his gang consumed by vengeance.

As well as a stellar plot, Love/Hate has a pretty impressive cast, with many of the actors going on to star in some huge roles since.

Robert Sheehan plays Darren, meanwhile Avengers actor Tom Vaughan Lawlor stars as Nidge and Saltburn's Barry Keoghan plays Wayne.

Also starring is Ruth Negga as Rosie, Peaky Blinders and Kin actor Aiden Gillen, Happy Valley star Charlie Murphy, Kieran O'Reilly and Killian Scott as Tommy.

Phew, what a line up! Check out the trailer below:

Described by O'Reilly as the 'greatest ever Irish television show', some viewers are only just discovering the series after catching it on ITVX.

One person wrote on X (formerly Twitter): "What a fantastic series! Only just discovered it - absolutely brilliant all ways round! Best thing I’ve watched in recent times since Peaky Blinders and Top Boy!"

And another said: "Make sure you check out Love/Hate if you haven't already. Aiden Gillen again is superb in this as well as Robert Sheehan and a young Barry Keoghan."

While a third added: "How has it taken me this long to watch Love/Hate??? think I wanna be Robert Sheehan when I’m older."

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Absolutely loving love hate at the minute, Robert Sheehan was fantastic in it."

A young Barry Keoghan also stars.
Octagon Films/RTE

And a fifth wrote: "If you’ve never seen the Irish drama series Love/Hate then watch it - absolutely brilliant! Like Peaky B meets Top Boy meets The Wire meets Breaking Bad and then some... on ITVX and BritBox - a proper binge watch!"

The show originally spanned for five seasons between 2010 and 2014. If you're yet to watch, you can catch it on ITVX now.

Featured Image Credit: Octagon Films

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