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Netflix viewers have watched underrated Jack O’Connell series with 85% RT rating ‘several times’

Netflix viewers have watched underrated Jack O’Connell series with 85% RT rating ‘several times’

The Western TV series on Netflix is a popular choice among fans

Netflix viewers have been raving about this underrated series starring Jack O'Connell, with some people choosing to watch it 'several times'.

The TV series is only one season long, but it hasn't stopped the praises from flooding in.


Jack O'Connell is best known for his role as James Cook on the British teen drama Skins, but this might just be his most well received series yet.

The Netflix western series takes place in the late 19th century out in the, you guessed it, wild west.

Written and directed by two-time Academy Award nominee Scott Frank, who was also responsible for directing 2017 film Logan, the series follows a young outlaw named Roy Goode (O'Connell) on the run from his former mentor (Jeff Daniels).

He ends up in a quiet New Mexico town thats population is almost completely all women, and they fight with him to defend their town when it is infiltrated.

Other cast members include Sam Waterson, Michelle Dockery, and Maze Runner star Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

The series boasts an impressive score of 85% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it doesn't seem to be as well known as expected, you can view the trailer below:

The series is called Godless, and seeing as it is a Netflix series, it is readily available to subscribers on the streaming platform.

Since being released in 2017, it has been praised endlessly by critics and viewers alike, with the fact that it is a female-driven Western being very rare.

A review on IMDb stated that it featured 'magnificent cinematography', even describing the show's dialogue as 'almost poetic', while concluding with: "Godless is truly a unique find on Netflix, and is totally worth watching."

The only downside put forward by fans of the show is that it is just one season long, consisting of just seven episodes.

Almost serving as a limited series, many have been thirsting for more but it looks like it'll never happen, despite the praise and fanfare.


It's not just critics who have taken to social media though, as users on Facebook have been raving about the series in the group 'Netflix Bangers'.

One person commented: "I have watched it several times. It's absolutely very entertaining."

Another put: "I’ve recommended this to so many people, loved it!"

A third said: "This is brilliant! I'm just watching it again"

A different user also said: "I’ve recommended this to so many people, loved it!"

Godless is available to stream on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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