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Jeremy Clarkson gives major update on Diddly Squat pigs after devastating loss

Jeremy Clarkson gives major update on Diddly Squat pigs after devastating loss

They grow up so fast

There's been a major update on the pigs from Diddly Squat Farm after Jeremy Clarkson and the Clarkson's Farm team went through so much to raise them.

The third season of the staunchly popular farming show recently released on Prime Video, and after trying sheep in the first season and cows in the second, Clarkson decided this time to try his hand at pigs.

The opening moments of the third season of Clarkson's Farm were quite the emotional rollercoaster, what with Diddly Squat having to wave goodbye to beloved cow Pepper, and the shock news that Gerald had been diagnosed with cancer.

It got even more distressing down on the farm after the Diddly Squat crew went through some early problems with raising pigs, with a number of the newborn piglets dying despite attempts to save them.

Clarkson said that the death of the piglets was the first time he'd seen girlfriend Lisa Hogan cry, and he was clearly struggling with it himself.

Jeremy Clarkson spent season three of Clarkson's Farm trying to raise pigs. (LADbible)
Jeremy Clarkson spent season three of Clarkson's Farm trying to raise pigs. (LADbible)

Filming for season four is going on right now, so we'll have to see what schemes and plans Clarkson comes up with for that, but for now there's been some major news on the pig front.

Diddly Squat Farm's Instagram page recently posted the news that the pigs who had been born in the farm's first litter were now pregnant themselves.

"Piglets from our first litter now up the duff. Proud grand pig parents," read the message that accompanied a picture of sleeping pigs.

It's a great bit of news for Diddly Squat Farm and shows how far they've come since those heartbreaking early days when many of the piglets were dying.

Fans of Clarkson's Farm certainly seem to think so, as they offered their congratulations and told Jeremy and Lisa 'knew you two could smash it'.

In fact, there's even more good news for Diddly Squat as the government has changed the law for farmers and people are calling it 'Clarkson's Clause'.

Basically, farmers will now be able to convert disused agricultural buildings on their land into homes and shops without planning permission.

Clarkson's Farm fans will remember the rigmarole that the gang has been through season after season trying to get various ventures off the ground, only to be frustrated by West Oxfordshire District Council.

Maybe season four will be filled with more developments now thanks to 'Clarkson's Clause'.

Of course, while we say that Clarkson's Farm season four is filming right now, there are occasionally pauses in the schedule.

That's because there are sometimes disturbances, such as last week (18 May) when Jeremy posted the flight map of a helicopter being flown over the farm captioned: "Filming paused till this f**ktard buggers off."

Featured Image Credit: LADBible/DiddlySquatFarm/Instagram

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