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What happened to Malcolm in the Middle Reese actor after the show

What happened to Malcolm in the Middle Reese actor after the show

Justin Berfield is best known for playing Malcolm's dimwitted older brother Reese.

Although Malcolm in the Middle only aired for six years, its impact on the American sitcom industry is undeniable.

The dark-humoured family comedy follows a dysfunctional family, as Frankie Muniz took on the lead role as Malcolm, a child prodigy.

Some reviewers have called the TV series 'hilarious and punchy' while others say it is 'rare to find a show this good'.

The season premiere of Malcolm in the Middle was in the year 2000, and ended in 2006 after seven seasons and 151 episodes.

However, after the show had finished, many cast members have kept a really low profile.

No one exemplifies this more than Erik Per Sullivan who played Dewey in Malcolm in the Middle .

Despite being a fan favourite, we haven't really heard much from Sullivan - now 32 - after the show's finale in 2006.

The last time we saw him on our screens was in 2010 as he featured in a film called Twelve.

He did, apparently, create an Instagram account in 2020, but it's now private and unverified.

Berfield said he is 'fortunate' for the journey he has had.

Fans will also remember Justin Berfield's role as Malcolm's dimwitted older brother Reese Wilkerson.

Reese was the older brother of Malcolm, Dewey and Jamie, and younger brother of Francis.

Often lacking common sense, the character was frequently outwitted by other family members.

Even though Reese will remain a cult-character amongst Malcom fans, Berfield - now 37 - has retired from acting entirely. He was only 20 years old when the show ended.

So, it seems Berfield now prefers working behind the camera instead of in front of it.

Back in 2010, he started working as the Chief Creative Officer of production company Virgin Produced.

He worked alongside CEO of the company, Jason Felts, and opened up about what his role was like to Variety back in 2010.

"We are developing and producing films and television shows that are far from traditional," he revealed. "We aren’t afraid to push the envelope with content."

Speaking to Agoura Hills Patch a year later, Berfield explained what led him to start a career in producing despite his successful portfolio of acting work.

Berfield has posted about his new life as a father after leaving his Hollywood acting career behind.

He said: "I realised that I had been on two shows that syndicated to over 100 episodes and that I felt fulfilled as an actor and decided to try my hand at producing.

"I think people constantly are looking for fulfilment, and nothing is ever good enough, but I feel fortunate enough to have had the journey I have had so far."

And it's clear the star is happy with his decision after telling TV Is My Pacifier just how much he likes his job.

Talking about the difference between acting and producing, he added: "They’re both unique in their own ways, but I’m enjoying what I’m doing and where I’m at right now.

"It’s a whole new level of stress. It’s a different kind of stress, but they’re both rewarding."

Featured Image Credit: Fox/Instagram/Justinberfield

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