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Noel Edmonds reunited with Mr Blobby in surprise ambush live on GMB

Noel Edmonds reunited with Mr Blobby in surprise ambush live on GMB

Mr Blobby first appeared on one of Noel Edmonds' shows back in the 1990s

When you think of iconic TV duos, several will come to mind.

Mitchell and Webb, French and Saunders, Ant and Dec - British TV is littered with them.

Yet another iconic TV duo have been reunited however in Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby.

Mr Blobby and Noel Edmonds. (Bryn Colton via Getty Images)
Mr Blobby and Noel Edmonds. (Bryn Colton via Getty Images)

Mr Blobby, the children's TV character known for his distinctive voice and chaotic personality, first appeared on Noel's House Party - a show from the 90s in which Edmonds would invite celebrities and characters to his country home.

Set in the fictional 'Crinkley Bottom', Mr Blobby was among the several characters to have come out of the show, and arguably the most iconic.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain today (17 June), Noel Edmonds was ambushed by presenters who brought out the character for a reunion.

Posted on X (formerly known as Twitter), one viewer said: "Ok that’s enough tv for today."

Across Noel Edmonds, Ed Balls, Suzanna Reid, and of course Mr Blobby - it was a bizarre sight of some of the most recognisable faces on British telly.

The chaotic scene had Ed Balls hilariously offended, as Edmonds said: "The only thing that can be said about this, is he makes Ed look slim."

One viewer said of the spectacle of Mr Blobby back on TV: "All the problems we have and this made me laugh."

Another said: "Ed Balls catching STRAYS."

One Twitter poster had choice words for the chaotic sequence, saying: "What the f*ck is going on."

Bizarrely - this isn't even the first time Mr Blobby has ambushed someone.

On The Big Fat Quiz of the 90s, Jack Whitehall let slip that Mr Blobby 'terrified him more than anyone else'.

Same Jack, same. (Channel 4)
Same Jack, same. (Channel 4)

He said: "He looked like a fat jaundiced baby."

On queue, of course, Mr Blobby was then brought out to terrorise the comedian.

Jumping over the desk to get to Whitehall, Mr Blobby - as he does - caused chaos, with the comedian's hilarious reaction simply being: "How the f**k were you ever allowed near kids."

The reaction of the Clifford the Big Red Dog star led commenters to say: "I love how everyone else is losing it over Mr. Blobby's antics, whilst Jack looks like he's just seen the flayed corpse of Cthulhu."

Another, however, gave the Noel's House Party character his props.

They commented: "Whoever was inside that suit is a goddamn legend for completely committing and doing that. The last fall alone... holy crap, that was incredible."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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