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Naked Attraction host forced to intervene after contestant takes it too far

Naked Attraction host forced to intervene after contestant takes it too far

There's not much you can't do on a show about stripping down to your socks

Naked Attraction is fundamentally quite a risqué show, considering the entire point of it is people seeing each other naked before they've even decided whether they'd like to go on a date.

Still, it turns out there are limits to what you're allowed to get away with on the Channel 4 dating show as host Anna Richardson does occasionally have to step in and put a stop to things.

You know the format of the show by now, someone comes on Naked Attraction looking for love, or perhaps lust, and gets presented with a bunch of potential partners.

Only they're naked and obscured behind screens - but that conundrum is solved before long as the screens are steadily lifted and people's naked bodies put on display.

Eliminated one by one, eventually the show does let the contestants talk to each other and if all goes well pretty soon everyone except Anna is stark b*****k naked.

That's how things went for contestant Hayley, a sex toy specialist for Ann Summers who made it clear she very much enjoyed her job.

Anna Richardson had to step in and stop things before they went too far.
Channel 4

Still, she came to Naked Attraction looking for love and had whittled her choices down to two blokes, Luke and Maris.

Hayley popped off to get herself in the same state of undress as the guys and when she returned, they were asked what they thought of her body.

"I'm thinking about how much I'd like to suck nipples," Maris said, which prompted an awkward 'right' from Richardson and laughter from the others.

Soldiering on, the host asked Maris what he thought of Hayley's vagina.

He said: "Yes, I'd like to put your legs on my shoulders, I would like to have a-"

It was at this point that Anna decided that was quite enough from Maris and cut him off - instead going to ask Luke what he thought of Hayley.

This is Maris. Maris had to stop talking on Naked Attraction. Maris did not end up getting the date.
Channel 4

He said she had a 'gorgeous' body, and she jokingly asked him where he'd like her to put her legs.

When the time came for her to make a decision and send one of the guys away, it was Maris who received his marching orders as she liked Luke and 'his cheeky smile'.

Hayley and Luke went away on their date, and afterwards said they texted regularly and were planning a second meet-up soon.

As for what it's actually like being on the show, a producer said some of the guys would pull in their stomachs when the cameras were on to make their bellies seem a bit smaller.

Meanwhile, former contestant Gavin also said that a lot of the guys would be 'shaking themselves' during waiting times 'to try and make themselves look bigger'.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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